I find that as I observe what’s happening on a global level–with the collapse of life as we know it–I find that as per usual people are slow on the uptake. And, the reason is a simple one: DENIAL!
No one wants to admit that life as we know it, is over, gone, done. And, that the tides of change says that we will go with it, or, it will kill us. Here in NYC and surrounding areas, the ocean has been quite angry as a result of the storms from the south. So angry in fact, rip currents were being produced. The news reported this repeatedly, and yet, STILL–STILL people went out into the ocean, as if the seas were calm. And, a lot of people died, needlessly. We don’t listen to nature, even though it’s warned us for years that it’s “Mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.” And, when our inflated egos send us out for a nice swim, despite the angry currents–we act surprised when some of us don’t come back! By the way–the only way to survive a rip tide is to go with it, and then let the upper waves take you back to shore. –And, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… Jellyfish are floating toward the beaches. The very deadly kind. Why??? The water is too damn hot! Why??? I dunno…GLOBAL WARMING?! Why??? Because humans refuse to adhere to the balance of life, and the ego will always be the death of us all?!
I wish I were just talking about global warming. But, I’m not. I’m talking about life! The PARTY’S OVER PEOPLE!!!! Get a clue! Corporate greed, and the proganda campaign of selling excess to the masses has finally come to a head. And, invincible corporations, profit margins,  money-making ideas and power-people, are finally being handed the consquences of their actions. People really hate it when their karma finds them, and the law of attraction comes home to roost.
I’m talking about people who knowingly, consciously, blatantly use the backs, feelings, or bodies of others in order to get ahead. And, I don’t just mean it on a big scale, I mean it on the most minute scale. As simple as cutting ahead in a line at the amusement park. Yeah—that simple. I mean stealing someone’s idea for a profit and notiriety, and never offering to share the profits from your theivery. Or, exploiting relationships (of any kind) to satisfy career goals and aspiriations. When you’re flying high on the backs of many, you’ve got a huge fall to look forward to. —And, just when people thought they had nothing in common with Bear Stearns, they find out that companies are just huge symbols for people. Broken systems can be disected into the smallest forms. And, do you know what makes up broken systems??? Broken people! –Broken individuals just trying to get ahead, and not understanding that if you’ve gotta use someone to get there, two things are probably true: 1. You really aren’t as good as you thought you were. 2. You’re a deeply insecure person. Otherwise, how to you rationalize the subprime mortgage crisis? Or, continued the tragedy of Katrina? Or, prescription drug abuse, or cigarettes– which are legal…  But, usage of marijuana is illegal??  (And, let me just put a disclaimer here: I don’t believe in the abuse of any drug of any kind). What’s the matter, you can’t do your job and be honest about it?!
I think it will become UNDENIABLY clear to people…ALL people– that morals aren’t religious, and neither is spirituality. Abuse in any form will bring the downfall of the abuser. It may not be today, nor tomorrow, but, it will happen! And, for all of you fixating on the now moment of gratification, and thereby reconciling vile behavior toward any of the rest of us (i.e. the planet, animals,  your next door neighbor), when the boomerang comes back to get you–please remember that you’re the one who threw it in the first place. People always want to congratulate themselves on their intellecutal prowness, their material gain, their ability to wield power…Until…it all falls down. And, then–then, they remember that a HUGE part of being human is having empathy, morals and compassion–and they hope like hell, that the rest of us remember too! Yes, the very same things that prior to a job loss, a money loss, or any other loss–they gambled away. I repeat: THE PARTY IS OVER. The GAME IS OVER.
Even in the midst of this chaos, it’s clear that we have three choices as individuals. 1. Evolve into conscious-living. 2. Willingly go insane. 3. Find death, wherever we can. The truth is change is a fact of life, it’s inevitable–but, conscious change is a choice. And, I have to wonder, how many people will have to find themselves in an empty room before they finally get it?  How many times must the ground fall crumble beneath us, before we make a choice? Everything hangs in the balance…. Individually and globally–same thing. If you want the world to balance itself out–balance yourself, first.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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