A half-days work gets a half days pay…
A life half-assed is adolescence.
And, I ain’t your mama, boy!
So, man up, or take that tantrum elsewhere!

Half-cooked food is poisonous, deadly…
So, this hunger-strike continues.
I ordered the steak!
Stop offering me burgers, damn it!

Silence when practiced, is fully understood.
Selfishness fully practiced screams louder…
Than half-kindness, whispered!

A compliment half-meant, is no-compliment.
Feelings half-felt are muted by what’s numb.
A chest stressed with pain, is half-breathing.
Hard, ain’t it?

And, I–I drew a full breath…
Words read, telling only half of what’s meant.
But, half isn’t whole — except, wholly annoying.
The blanks are unfilled… my interest…half.

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