Okay…it’s Friday night, I had drinks with some people from work. It was good, but, it doesn’t negate this… If you half-ass your efforts, your results too, will be half-assed.
I had an odd week.  A resurgence of peole I thought were gone. But, I do not have the same relationship with. One of them (and you know who you are) didn’t understand that when I put my foot down about something–it was firmly planted.
I know, it’s rare nowadays that a person makes a statment and then stands by it. But, I’m here to tell you some of us still exist. Someone whom I’d once been closed to, thought the times of old where still dominate in my actions and thought process. They found out, that was not the case. I promies you…whoever you are reading this… If I tell you I’m going to do something, I will. If I say, I’m not going to do something–I won’t.  I will not settle for something less than I want, and I will not ask you to.
The times of me accepting half of what I want are over! I’d rather have nothing at all, as i am offended by half-assed efforts. Whether I be on the recieving or giving end of said effort. A cute boy with empty words is just empty to me. Words, not supported by actions are just flies in my soup. You get thrown out with the rest of the garbage and I’ll start all over.
I promise that the person I present myself to be is exactly who I am. For some she’ll be easy to get to know, others, a bit of a challenge. But, all of them are me. I will not half-ass anything. Once upon a time in acting school, I had this teacher who told us, if you have less than 80% to give to the audience, don’t give them anything. Another said, don’t speak a line unless it’s your truth. Mind you, those were acting lessons, but, these rules can easily be applied to real life. If you can’t give me all of your efforts, whole-heartedly… don’t bother.
Don’t call, if you can’t say sincerley what I need to hear. It’s a waste of everyone’s time. You know, some of my friends think I’m too absolute. But, honestly, who wants to settle for being half-loved, having a half-relationship, being half-intimate? Knowing someone will half-be there for you–exactly, why bother? Don’t do it at all!  Bring me what I want, beause it’s yours to give.  But, if you cannot, don’t bring me anything at all. Because if all you have is half to give, chances are, you need it more for yourself.
Love, Peace, Happiness N One,

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