No, no, no! I will never think mediocrity is “enough”! I will not buy it from myself, not you…not anyone!  So, SAVE IT!

Seriously, how many people, events, or things can we blame our shortcomings on?! When do you think it would be a good time to take responsiblity for yourself, your planet, and your society?! I mean, come on… SERIOUSLY?!!!

People think I’m a hardass. They say I’m too tough on people, but, the truth is, people are so used to spoon-fed bullshit, that the truth and honesty tastes like poison. And, then, there’s the loud-mouthed, bull-shit-phobes like myself, that really find it hard to breathe in the stench of lies being told, lived and marketed in every form.

Even so-called crusaders for social justice, religious belief systems, and the intellectuals…etc.  look the other way, while they sell themselves out! Listen, dude, let’s be clear. There is nothing wrong with having money. There is nothing wrong with having nice things. There is nothing wrong with enjoying life, rather than struggling through it. But, there is something very wrong with throwing babies out with bath-water, in your ideals, your perceptions and your day-to-day life! There’s something wrong when you become so skewed in your view of the world, that everyone is the enemy simply by the virtue of their existence, and how it doesn’t agree with your ideals or belief systems.

There’s a lot of things I don’t agree with. For example: I don’t believe in the illusion that there is not enough land, food, clean water, money, jobs, etc for us all to live quite nicely!

What is obvious to me is greed, manipulation, enslavement in more forms than I have digits on my hands and feet. I don’t believe we are powerless as individuals, or as a community. And, I’m not going to accept the propaganda of, “That’s just how it is, and, it will never change.” That is fear! And, if you listen to it and let it rule your life, than you’d might as well stop breathing. As, life beyond automatic pilot is over!
Your pursuit of happiness ended the moment you became the willing slave of fear. So, don’t expect me to feel sorry for you, nor, make up some bullshit excuse to make you feel better about yourself. –I’m not doing it!

My brother once told me I was polarizing. But, you know what??? All leaders are. And, a true leader, doesn’t require followers. They don’t require that anyone live in their shadow, or says “amen” to whatever they say. We need more leaders. And, I’m not talking about the kind that run countries, companies, or what have you. I’m talking about leaders who can lead themselves!!! I’m talking about leaders who know who they are, and won’t be a willing victim to anyone, or anything. –Leaders, who have the intestinal fortitude to say, “Nope. I’m not doing that!” –Who, when shit hits the fan, regroups, becomes flexible and finds a solution to the problem rather than foaming at the mouth looking for someone else to blame.

Everyone is entitled to happiness, love and peace. But, it will cost you! It will cost you the child you once were, to become the adult you need to be. And, if you can’t do the work, then stand aside, shut up, and let the grown ups get some work done!

If you found this message infuriating, chances are it’s yourself you’re mad at. Not me.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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