I love my T’ai Chi class, I love my yoga class. Why? Because they teach me flow and flexibility. And, I needed it badly this past week. When a miserable person has repeatedly offered you a shit-pie, and you continue to refuse, they want to throw it in your face. My advice: step aside.
My last day at my current temp gig, and this poor, miserable, middle-aged woman still tried for the last time to stick it to me. Good lord woman…give it up! But, no, she would not be denied. She, my admin coordinator, requested that I leave my job early, so that they would pay me for 32 hours, rather than 35. Yep, she was an ass over 3 freaking hours. What annoyed me was her snide remark in front of other people that a lesser being would have found humilating. Here’s a lesson: Do not, I repeat, do not try an humilate me. It will be something you’ll regret. You all know me. This isn’t an idle threat. So, as soon as the comment was made by miserable admin coordinator, I followed her to her desk  and confronted her about it. Thank God she got a phone call, because it gave me the chance to do some deep breathing. Even though the phone call took supsiciously too long, I paced her cubicle like a starved lion. Oddly enough, when she opened her mouth, a very nice, sweet, accomodating voice came out. Hmm…maybe she noticed, or felt, the simmer becoming a boil. She asked me to leave early to save her precious 66.00 for the three hours. And, my logic and what I said out loud, “It’s a gorgeous day, it’s Cinco de Mayo and I can have margaritas earlier? Sure…I’d love to go!” Her face promptly fell to the floor…again! LOL  I was more than happy to leave all the extra work to her and the other two there. Because come on, am I going to get twisted over 66.00???? Not me. It’s money, only worth the value I give it. So…it was a great day for margaritas and sun-tanning in the city.
I’m getting the hang of this flow thing…or hike, or wave…choose anything, it’s all around you. Go with it people…take it to the shore/end/new beginning! Your perception is your reality–you’ve heard this right? Well let’s break it down. I obviously saw what this woman was attempting to do, but, I also gleaned the opportunity…And, I–I took the road less traveled. I precieved the opportunity and made it my own personal feista, or reality–you choose. The Mexicans freed themselves from the French. I freed myself from a plantation in someone else’s mind. LOL Cheers everyone! Another round of Margaritas for my friends! Journey continues…Gosh, are you all having as much fun as I am?!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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