You know, it’s funny how we go through life and excel at things, make friends, connections…etc and it doesn’t occur to us that in most cases everything we need we already have.
One of my friends is producing a comedy show, and she’s a bit nervous about filling a 300 seat house. Which I guess, to some seems a bit ambitious. But, this friend already knows famous people and if she doesn’t she has the gift of gab (much like her friend Monica) and the ability to sell an idea. Meaning…she already has everything she needs to pull this off.
I believe that we always have the tools we need to accomplish things we need to get done. We just don’t see it all the time. Okay, so, I’m a type A. I like to make lists and I like getting things done. Some people are okay with thinking good ideas. Me? I can’t just think them, I’ve gotta produce it. So, throughout life, I’ve made lists of things that I’m good at, things that come naturally to me. And, what I’ve discovered is that I’m my own company. I can come up with a great idea, write it, manage it, find talent for it and sell it to people. When I realized that, I knew I could never work for someone else for the rest of my life. It’s just not in me.
Some people like having a job where they know what they’ll be doing for the next 15yrs, and they think that working for a big company solidfies their future. And, well…it’s not true. No one is going to take care of you, like you take care of yourself. I believe that illusion is finally crumbling in the minds of people. Enron anyone? Hey, I was burned financially  a bit by it, but, I wasn’t one of the people who lost a job along with my life savings. General Motors? All those people who’ve worked for them for generations having to find other means of work ,because they trusted a company that wasn’t able to sell cars. How could those suits fail to realize their customer no longer had the capacity to support luxury SUVs anymore? Here’s a doosey, the voting process in the United States of America. How many thoughts are launched in your mind when I say words like…”chad”, “Dade county”??? Shameful, really!
The time of people taking care of you, or, looking out for you is over–not that it ever really existed. Hey, now most companies not only don’t want to pay you well, they wan  make you pay for the majority of  your health care! Wtf??? I think that we need to start making lists for ourselves  as individuals and tapping into our personal resources for finding the tools we need to live the life we were meant to. Work can be enjoyable, I think people have forgotten that. Maybe because we’ve been repeatedly told that we cannot do what we love–yeah? Well, a lot of people seem to  and those people aren’t always given that opportunity by some dead rich realitive.
You can live the life you’ve desired in your most secret of dreams, the ones you’ve told no one. You just need to look around, tap into your resources, and when someone says, “NO”….keep asking the same question until they can give the correct answer! LOL Oh, and for those who know me personally, that thought process is the reason why I have the Sam-I-am tattoo! Dr. Suess was and is the shiznit! “No” isn’t a word I understand as it isn’t productive, but, counter-productive, and no one has ever gotten anywhere taking that word as the final answer. Saftey is an illusion, and the need for it can stunt growth, progress and success. You have your life, your canvas, your paint and you’re the author of it all… What kind of picture will you paint ??? Good stuff is all around…
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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