So…I’m resting today, after working, socializing and packing for three days in a row! Big up to my lingerie partner for going out of town this weekend, because if she were here I’d be working. There’s something to be said for burning the candle at both ends, sometimes…it just means getting burnt!
–Have to say though, I’m very blessed by this move as I believe it personifies the movement within my inner self. I have keeping a diary since I was 13 (yeah, I talk more places than here! Hello—what kind of show did you think I was running?! haha), so, I have the opportunity to go back and actually see my growth. But, more than that, I can actually feel it. I know that some people think of me as being a strong woman, a force to be reckoned with and pretty aggressive. And, well…yeah, I am! LOL But…with age has come refinement. What fuels the fires of passion for me now, is a sense of accomplishment, destiny, and the true expression of my innerself. In my youth, I think I was motivated by the fear of failure more than anything else. And, now… I know the truth: I CANNOT FAIL. Failure implies having not tried at all. And, as long as we do continue to put forth effort, at some point the scale must tip in our favor. And, as a libra I would know how scales work.
I’ve also learned that like the ocean, the undertow can reflect what the surface cannot. Meaning what looks like failure can really mean success…and what seems to be stagnation can really mean movement. I had this experience last night while hanging out with someone very dear to me. And, on the surface–if you weren’t familar with the situation, it would seem as if there were no progression in my relationship with this person. Yet, I know that the undertow continues to bring us back to a place where we must continue forward. Ever tried to walk away from a sitation only to find out, it’s waiting for you at the end–or, is it the beginning, again? Yeah…that’s exactly my point: Groundhog’s Day. Mind you, I have been very zen about this for the most part, my counterpart, not so much. Sometimes, we just need to look at a situtation and surrender to it, and that’s where I’m at in my situation with this very sweet person. But, they…well… think: a person trying to swim against a rip tide…it’s not a water ballet, I’ll put it to you that way. LOL And, yet, there we were again, hanging out, being ourselves and I thought, “This is the flow of it, I like it, I’m going with it.” And, yet, I also wondered why the other person fights it, we always end up where we were last night–effects of the undertow.
I believe that flow and undertow are very symbolistic of things in our lives we repeat until we get it right. So, the thing is, if you choose go against the flow, the undertow will surly give you the opportunity to correct yourself. Whether you like it or not! Hahahaa… such is life. You don’t want to go against nature, it has a tendency to win!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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