It’s Saturday in beautiful Bushwick/Ridgewood. I can smell life coming in  from my window and see it streaming through riding the sun’s rays. I’ve already had my coffee at Wyckoff Starr (holla!), and other than the birds singing in the backyard, the jet leaving Laguardia Airport overhead, there’s silence. And, while I love this… I got shit to do! LOL
Dude…I’m not even awake yet! I love Fridays, because Fridays represent the finish-line in the weekly marathon that is my life! And, this week’s journey seemed to be all uphill. So, much like I do when I run (and, that’s been way too long), I just say to myself, “Don’t stop! Just keep going!” Even if I have to slow the pace up a bit, I don’t stop.  Today’s Saturday is dedicated to Hot Pies & Tarts, LLC. Damn, that name is so freaking hot!!!! It’s kinda like M.I.L.F. or… choclate-covered strawberries–its sexy and sweet all that same time! You feel good saying it, but, it has built-in taboo visuals! God bless my genius whenever it displays itself! Heehee… Okay, enough of that… Like I said, this Saturday, is dedicated to bringing this store from the collective brain of my partner and I to all of you! Because, well…you deserve it!
I realize I give away valuable information and advice for free all the time. My fashion sense, my color-matching aptitude. And, my ability to help people identify and exploit their best assets. I actually used to get paid for it, and, no doubt, I will again. Just the other day, someone asked my why I wasn’t a sylist, why I don’t do makeup artistry anymore? Why aren’t I performing anymore, writing…blah, blah, blah. And, for real peolple, I would say this: Never underestimate me, because I never do. Just because I’m not talking about everything I’m working on, doesn’t mean I’m not working on it. It’s just now, I’ve come to understand a little thing Houston’s (the restaurant I used to work at) calls, “consolidating your efforts”. Therefore, it’s not a question of why am I not doing this or that, but, when will the house be finished that will have all of my skills under one roof? My answer: soon! –Sooner than I think and later than I have patience for! Haha! That is where the month of Saturdays come in. I’m working on the blueprint (holla at the jigga-man) right now, measuring, re-measuring, researching the materials, etc. Because: 1. I don’t like making mistakes. 2. I only want to build it once. 3. The design has be to able to expand. Meaning: Build once and add, and enhance second.
So…okay…I’m starting to feel a bit more awake… Time to make the doughnuts! LOL Okay fine… time to order the push-up bra with french lace, satin and embordiered detail–happy now?! LOL Keeping it sexy…always, cause we don’t do ugly!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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