Okay…I admit it, I don’t like boxes. I don’t like labels and not for nothing, I don’t like confinment, either– while we’re at it! Not to worry, I’m not angry or anything like that. I’m just saying…labels are dumb! If I wanted to live in a box–I’m black and given the way things look in our prisons in this country… I could just check in there. LOL I know…that was harsh, but, true! People…find your humor, embrace it, because if we can’t laugh, then we’re truly screwed!
Back to the point of today’s show…er…blog. When I was growing up in NC, I used to climb trees. I loved doing this. Actually, I still do. I liked playing catch with my brother and football too. Although, I had to stop playing tackle football with the guys for obvious reasons. And, still today, I love sports. I’m not fanatical. But, take me to a basketball, baseball or football game and I am as loud if not louder than any guy there. And, you might want to watch out for me, I have a tendency to yell at the obnoxious dude that refuses to sit down so I can see the game. It’s only almost come to blows…twice. The dude with the high pitched voice, who keeps cursing at the ref??? Uh…that would be me! LOL If I can’t be obnoxious at Yankee Stadium (one of the best places on earth–trust me!), then where?! It’s the only place where I’ll drink miller lite, belch loudly and be lewd about checking out Derek Jeter’s ass. I mean come on…the guy looks good going! Coming…eh whatever…I’ve seen prettier!
But, I’m also all woman. I love my shoes, my makeup, my jewelry. My mani/pedis–translation, manicure/pedicure. I love coordinating my colors in my clothing. I love to cook and be all domestic and stuff. Seriously, my Sunday ritual involves Paula Dean, Rachel Ray and Giada DeLaruentis… if you don’t know who they are… then you’re not a foodie–I am! And, oh…lingerie. I could go on all day about the importance of gorgeous lingerie, but…another time.
My point?! My point is, no one should be telling me what a female is supposed to be, how she acts and all that other crap. I have issues when people get their perceptions and my reality mixed up. What? Just because I’m wearing a dress and stillettos means I won’t get dirty?! LOL Or, that I won’t sweat?! LOL Anyone who believes that, hasn’t seen me at the gym. Think on this… my dad was a career marine. Yes…that’s where I get it from!  And, of course I know what you’re thinking, I am aware of myself! Gosh! LOL
On the other hand, I’m sooo not into guys who have issues with emotions. Like showing them would be some sort of defection from manhood. Ew! Unbalanced, much?! You know what’s sexy??? Guys who cook and do dishes! Yes! I said it, and I meant it! There is nothing more kickass then being able to watch a football game with a dude, who’s made the hotwings that I’m eating. Or, opened the beer I’m drinking! I don’t mind a guy who’s a bit gruff, some of the time, but, that false machismo crap! Ugh…tiresome after a while. A dude that cannot talk about emotions or refuses to be intimate (no people– not sex), because he thinks it makes him appear weak…oh please…GO AWAY!!!!  Seriously, I’m over that. I am. Emotions like words are necessary for us all to relate to one another, communication in a relationship, is like breath and life–very necessary.
So, I’m all about balancing my masculine and feminine selves. And, I’m happy with it thus far. So…my tattoos, piercings and love of Maker’s Mark whiskey, go well with my cute dress, stillettos and goregous makeup, while watching the game on tv at a sports bar! And, any one who thinks I don’t know the correct way to be a woman, needs to go check themselves! That includes you Momma! Whoops…I’m kidding. I actually got some of this masculine energy from my mom. Trust me, you don’t want to be on the other side of her anger, or left hook! LOL She’s soo cute, I love my momma!
Balance…all about finding and maintaining the balance.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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