Wow…it’s been such a good week already. And, we’re only half way through. I’m totally digging the gig I’m currently on. My desk has this amazing view of the husdon river and dirty jerz..which by the way, has been having a serious smog problem for the past couple of days. A few sea gulls fly by the window, I wave, but, um…they don’t wave back. Life is good.
I want to give a special shout-out to Gene and Claire, who were kind enough to participate on a conference call with me, to talk me down off the ledge! LOL Okay, not a literal ledge, but, the ledge of sanity–its like this slightly insane/anxious relentless chatter that sometimes goes on in my head! It can be brutal! So, it’s good to know that someone will tell me in all love, “Um…Monica, you’re crazy!” Or, “I can’t believe I’m talking to Monica! You know the answer!” LOL… And, of course I usually do know the answer, and sometimes, I do get a bit nuts. Yet, they totally listened to my minor fit of hilarious insanity…my toiling with myself internally, out loud, for their listening pleasure, or torture, or…both. And, there was much laughing at me, by the three of us. I was having a total girl moment, don’t ask… I’ll just say, I do have them, I get through them, and then I’m all  balanced again. Wait…I did mention I’m a libra, right?!
I’m also enjoying being schooled in a subject I love quite a lot: music. This musician is “learning me up” on a lot of music and artists I haven’t heard before. He’s a bit OCD about it, but, I’m becoming more familiar with world music, soul and R&B. And, no, not the commercialized crap we listen to here, some really beautiful, soulful music that its has origins elsewhere. And, to be the cherry on that sundae, he’s a jazz-head too. And, jazz…let’s just say the right kind of jazz can make me feel dirty in a good way! Heehee. It’s lovely…actually, the whole experience has been.
And…And… AND(!), my film partners and I have secured a space to hold the reading of our script in January!!! HOLLA!!! Which is just short of 1 year since I came onto this project. Don’t worry, it’s going to be free, so, you can definately afford to come!!! I’m just really excited about ManChild, the script, the story, the writing, the star…all amazing! It’s like the alignment of the stars, you’re just not going to get something like this everyday. As a performer, I’ve told the star many times, I’m jealous that he gets to say the words on the pages, and not me. Ah…fine, I’ll just settle for making sure the rest of the world gets to see it! LOL… I think there are far too little films, plays and the like that ask you to think, to feel, to be something other than entertained, being produced. Its just an injustice to art, and to humanity in general. Entertainment isn’t why I made the personal sacrifices I did to graduate from NYU. And, trust me, I made quite a few sacrifices. And, it’s all been worth it.
So…life…is good. I’m good, my friends are good. Love to Heather for well…being Heather! And, love  to Ike for being a physical example of hope, even if he doesn’t think so.  May many more hearts open and be allowed to lead! Namaste, In Lakesh, and Espavo, my people.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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