Yes, it’s true… I’m part geek, hehe!!!! And, proud of it. Yes, I’ve seen all the star wars movies, I answer to Young Jedi* in some circles, Storm in others and I’ve seen LOTR many times! And, I’m proud of that! Yes, I read comic books–marvel rules, DC sucks! Don’t even get me started on the atrocities of the artwork of “The New X-men” in a word: YUCK! I like Sponge Bob, I like Ed, Edd and Eddy–great writing on both of those shows. Whatever happened to Pepperann, Doug or Recess?! I loved those shows, I know the themes songs–okay, Pepperann is truly the only one that had lyrics. But…damn, I liked them.

My summer reading: Earthsea series. Last summer: Elric of Melbourne aka at the White wolf. Fantasy for those of you who don’t know. If I’m not reading something metaphysical, then I’m reading fantasy. It’s all the same to a person like me. Don’t ask me to explain that–you wouldn’t get it unless you lived in my head. And, I’m not John Malkovich.

All that being said, Gene and I saw X-men III:  the last stand tonight. And, Doyle (although you’ll never read this…) it was good. It was better than good, it was great. The writing, though a complete fabrication, if you follow the comics, was still good. I’ll never be happy with Halle Berry as Orro/Storm, why? She has no idea who the character is, she didn’t demand they get her wig right and she never wore the blue contact lenses. Storms eyes are blue, dammit and blue they should’ve been. Yes, black people can and do have blue eyes naturally. In fact, when I’m old, mine will turn gray–a family thing, cherokee side, I think. So, after the 2nd X-men, I decided to ignore storm, as a performer, I knew I’d never be happy with Halle’s performance. I mean, damn, she could’ve done some character research! I digress. Anyway, if you’re into this stuff, I highly recommend X-men III. Famke Jansen, finally gets Jean Grey right, so, that was pleasing, although the protrayl of the Pheonix was weird…She kinda looked possesed…I guess it fit the storyline, which by the way is inaccurate, but, believable nonetheless.

I don’t know, I think I dig this stuff because well… I’m not normal. I don’t even know what normal looks, smells or acts like. I just know, it’s not me. And, I think that’s why we have sci-fi and fantasy series, for people who know they aren’t normal, and have no desire to be that way. There is something about these characters that we identify and empathize with. All the extra stuff…well, you’re on your own journey so, I’ll let you figure it out. I just know what I can do and will do…And, nope, I’m not telling you!

Ah…didn’t know I was part geek, huh? Well, Doyle could’ve told you, oh and Jorge too. They know. Doyle says, “We know our own kind!” LOL… Totally dude, now let’s go play some D&D!

Love Peace Happiness N One,



Jorge, Ghostrider is going to rock! Can’t wait, even if Nick Cage is in it!

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