Yesterday, I was listening to the launch party of The Awakening Zone Radio ( and, was relieved to find out that I am not the only one not reading material the way I used to. It seems that both Joe Rumbolo and Geoffrey Hoppe also haven’t had the urge to read material as they once might have in the past. I’m not sure when this happened to me, but, I can say it’s been at least two years since I’ve noticed.

For me, I can only say, that I’ve grown tired of reading and have become more and more interested in doing. A long time ago, when I sought council from a channel, I was told that I could be a teacher, if I wanted. At first, I resisted this invite. I mean, hello, that’s a lot of responsibility, isn’t it??  But, the truth is–I am a teacher. I have always been driven to be more. And, what has consistently gotten me into trouble, if you will, is that I ask those around me to do the same. “Be more.” I believe there is a time to be a student in an active manner. So many have come before me to pave a way for me to learn, understand and explore the wonders of both myself and the universe. But, at some point in time, we must put that book down (!), and throw ourselves into the work! Words on paper can be deceiving in that they can be misunderstood to make one think becoming your authentic, divine self is easy. It is not! It is challenging at best, and at worst–you think you’re absolutely losing it. And,  you are–you are losing the old you, in order to become the new you. And, while your angels, your guardians, and yes, even your divine self can guide, comfort and help you–they cannot do your work! I’m an indigo adult, so, I tend to not want to romanticize the process. Words are pretty, the work isn’t always such. But, the reward–oh, well…that–that is a freedom that is constantly expanding. And, don’t even get me started on the yummy, yummy love that seems to come from every corner of the universe. 😉

So, I’m slightly frustrated. When do we tell people, “Oh, by the way your life will change, should you choose consciousness.” ?? The truth is, change is constant. When do we take the etheral energy swirling around all of us and say, “Listen, the best way to go about this is breathe, breathe, breathe, and allow the energy to become part of you.” ?? Of course we do not have to do this alone, there’s so much support both seen and unseen, but, nothing will happen if you do not say “yes”–if you do not take that step forward. No angelic being, or guide can help you without your consent. That isn’t their job, they are to be of service. If you do not ask for help, they will love you, but, they will sit there and wait until you’re ready. So, if nothing is happening, it’s because you haven’t shown up for yourself. Shouldn’t we be telling people that?

So, how’s my teaching coming?? Actually, quite well. Ghandi–blessings to you, in that you told me, that my life is my message. I do not have to hold a formal class to teach. I am the example, because I’m out here, after much work, shinning bright. I have, in the past few years have  had so many souls thank me for being me. Can you imagine??  That, in itself is the lesson. How can you become yourself, without worrying about how others will take it? How can you express your divine spark without requiring the permission of someone else, or worrying about taking up too much space? It’s so much more about you than it is others. The way we raise the frequency of the universe is by raising the frequency of ourselves.

I had a very lucid “dream” months ago, and, I put dreams in quotations as I know it wasn’t a dream, but, me on another plane. In this dream, I walked into a coffee shop and announced, “You are looking for God to come down to you–but, it is you that must raise your vibrations to meet God.” Needless to say, I woke up quite startled, happy and in a slight bit of shock. I know this to be true, and somewhere within ourselves we all carry this truth.

My collaboration with spirit and other souls brought forth The Grounded Energy Expo. And, the core of this endeavor is to connect the far-out ideas, to the people here on earth. Heaven, if that’s what you want to call it, or, the higher planes is making its way here right now. It’s a constant stream of energy. And, I am interested in helping people understand that its right there, a half a breath away, right behind the pull that scares them so much. It’s right there. And, while the words are wonderful, the magic is in the doing. How can a wizard cast a spell without applying their wand? You must use the tools being given to you by all the teachers eagerly ready to serve you. That is not to say, nothing will happen, it will. The pressure will build, things that need to change will fall apart so that you must react. And, you will be given the choice over and over again to be active in the world both within and around you. I don’t know if anyone told you, but, not participating isn’t really an option. The universe is and will be, and it’s patience with you is infinite. So, however many lifetimes it takes you–you’ll get there. But, if you’re like myself and others, you’d rather not do that (again!).

Many blessings to the wayshowers, the lightworkers, the rebels with a most divine cause–frustration is motivation for action.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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  • Too true. To me, reading is part of the constant research done to prepare for “the doing” but it is way too easy to hole up in the reading and call it doing! Ha! reading and writing rarely include the process of embodiment!- unless of course you are Suzan-Lori Parks! Here’s to including the whole being! Namaste

  • I agree completely. The ego can tell you it’s working really hard with all the studying, reading, re-reading and memorizing, but, when you look around at your life, and nothings changed, what work have you truly completed?

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