I had someone ask me today if I’ve been watching the health care debate here in the U.S. And, my response was this—“As an actor, I’m constantly surrounded by theatre. I’m most interested in good theatre, and political theatre doesn’t cut it!”

My people, my people… Seriously… wake up! I implore you, WAKE UP! Honestly, you think all this song and dance is really to help you?! You really think when you put someone else in charge of your life that they will take care of you as well as you?! Jeez…come on! –No, they won’t, not when there’s so much money to made. Now when there’s so much crap to sell you, and you’re all so eager to buy it.

From cars to healthcare… the FIX is in! This play should be called “Much ado about nothing GETTING DONE!” And, I’m supposed to watch this–with real interest?! Um…no, I’d rather watch the sunrise, or one blade of grass grow. People lying, aren’t interesting, but, infuriating! I’m starting to think words, processes and thinking are some of the worst things that ever happened to us as a species, because now, we can rationalize anything.

“Sure, you can take this anti-depressant, even though one of the side effects is that it may make you feel suicidal!”

Toyota = Quality! Except now it equals pathological liars, who sent thousands of people to a possible death! Have you seen their new commercials… pulling on the heart-strings of customers, and, now… five years of free interest on you car. Oh, saftey… well, um…yeah…that hasn’t been resolved yet.

Insurance is great, unless you need to cash in on it, then, “Sorry, we’re not giving you your money because of what the fine print says.”

What we’re really being sold, what everyone is really buying is…FEAR! And, you’ll have to excuse me if I’m ready to vomit, because I’ve had enough of it!

Only humans want to analyze an issue fifteen ways til Sunday. Mind you, we can talk about ‘the problem’ for as long as you like. Resolving it… Well, er…um… what happened was… Yeah, problem resolution doesn’t make money, so, there’s no real incentive to resolve problems. Creating problems??? Now that’s big business!

There you have it, the insecurities and fears of the masses being played on. And, while everyone is screaming about what “ought to, should, or needs” to happen, how many really are doing something?

If you don’t think you like being in fear, or, that we buy fear in bulk, I’d ask you to just look at the film industry. Did you know that horror films are the most lucrative out of all the genres?! Twisted… Very twisted.

I’m not outraged by the bad drama that are our schools, governments, churches, and other institutions… I’m actually outraged at individuals, who have their own brains, minds, hearts, who willingly walk to the slaughterhouse, and then scream, “I can’t believe you did this to me!”

Now, come on… Did all that intellect make you forget that feeling in your gut when you’re being lied to? You know that feeling, like when your significant other swears they aren’t cheating on you, but, your queasy stomach says otherwise? Yeah, that feeling! The moment the intiution gets “thought” away, the moment all that logical, rational thinking takes over, is the moment you’re waiting to get SCREWED! So, who’s fault is it then?

Oh, right…proof… you’ve gotta have that…

Yeah, well, you wait for it. The first humans did rather well, with primal instincts. It wasn’t until we started doing all this “thinking” that things got murky and out of balance.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in organization, I believe in problem-solving… And, yes, I believe there’s something to be said for being intellectual, and well-read. But, to the point where you don’t know that you’re being purposely lied to?? To the point, where you’re at the mercy of someone else because you’ve lost touch with the primal state of our species??? Yeah, dude…I’m not down with that.

Life has much more to offer than this bullshit of using one another to have more than we’ve earned. Or, to create a fantasy of “need”, when all basic needs can be addressed, if we weren’t so damn insecure, which is the seed of greed. And, enough of  crying people, enough of the complaining… time to go big, or go home. You know what people understand??? Loss of money. Unfortunate, but, true. Get out of the drama of fear and need…it’s bullshit, and it’s costing you more than you realize. Fear robs you of life.

So, no…I’m sorry, I’m not watching this lunacy anymore…. The majority of the governement doesn’t care if I live or die, only if they can make money off either. Healthcare providers make more money if I’m sick, so, nope, they aren’t really trying to cure me. They want me strung out on their drug, just like a dealer on the corner. Toyota, used to care about quality, now, they just want to sell me the illusion of it. Ugly isn’t it??? Perhaps, but, it’s the truth. And, the truth may hurt my feelings right now, but, in the end… I get to keep my life. And, that’s something that cannot be bought, traded, or sold.

It’s funny… the saying used to be “Art immitates life…” If that’s truly the case–no wonder there’s never anything good on TV anymore. And, finding a good movie is like finding a needle in a haystack, as theatre companies fold under all this ugly farce we call reality! Yuck…just fucking YUCK!

Hmm… More and more go off the grid… I wonder why? The sun doesn’t ask you to pay it to rise. Nature goes about its business without our permission… Only us, only the humans with all our grand “thinking”… We want more than our share of everything, and yet, its never truly occurred to us… WE are what’s wrong with the planet! If it weren’t so sad…it’d be funny.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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