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**For all who do not agree, believe or have great issue with channeld messages; this may be the blog you’d like to skip. This is apart of who I am, and what I do. I will make no apology for any offence taken by readers into reaction of what is being said. Therefore, again, if you have an issue with me, or this channel. Please click away now. **




Greetings from The Seven Sisters,

We are here speaking (typing) through our scribe. We want to discuss some observations we’ve been having regarding terra earth, and her children (you).

What must be understood is that the ascension process is happening to everyone, and everything on the planet. Including Gaia herself. It is through her ascension process, that others are being strongly urged to become aware of what is going on around them. What was, is giving way to what will be. And, while humans do have a choice in whether or not, they want to partake in this change, this upgrading of human consciousness; so that more of their divinity may be expressed on earth now–not all will choose this. So, yes, some will be leaving, and returning at another time. Those that choose to stay are advised to push beyond their fears, anxieties and all the other issues that come with change. As, the change is not going to stop, because the shift is well underway. Thus, those who have been refusing to “go with the flow”, as you all put  it, are suffering a great deal. They want things to be as they were, predictable, logical, or, at least controllable by themselves. And, that is no longer the case, nor, will it ever be again.

So, what does this mean? For some, who choose to follow the urging of their sacred hearts, guides and angelic families, there will be a process where they carefully, but, consciously let go of the identities they’ve spent their entire lifetimes creating, in order, to discover the divine beings they have been all along. It isn’t always the easiest task. But, with patience, compassion, and love of themselves, it can and will happen. And, as the changes become more apparent  within one soul, as they discover this almost unspeakable happiness, they will be encouraged to continue this process. And, those who bear witness to the inner lights of these beings getting brighter, will not be able to ignore their own heart’s yearning to be expressed in a new, more spiritually aware way. It’s happening, and has been happening for quite some time now. And, as you say, it’s beyond the tipping point, and is having a domino effect amongst people. Those who are aware, have been watching this for some time, now, and it seems to be moving faster, much like a rushing river. We encourage you to enjoy the ride as much as possible.  As, from here, it is quite beautiful to behold, and we are in awe of your bravery and progress.

It must be recognized, that difficulties along one’s path is simply the discomfort experienced when one removes a layer of old energy, and identity. Humans like to think they have things figured out. It’s been quite some time, when self-discovery was encouraged to the masses. What has been sold to the human mind is that energy works in straight lines–that it is predictable, that it must adhere to a fabricated law that states: if the outcome isn’t predictable then it cannot be considered scientific, psychological, or emotional evidence. Unfortunately for the human mind, if something doesn’t fit neatly inside a lab, test tube, or frontal lobe, then it is discarded. But, what is actually being discarded are new ways of seeing and understanding both oneself, and the universe. And, how you, we, all of us are reflection of the universe. Isn’t it cleaver that “uni” means one, or all? That is no mistake. We are all one. It matters not thet way in which we reflect this, as new expressions are created instantaneously all over the omniverse–and, yet, it is still us–all of us… ONE.

The mind will get confused, do not concern yourself  with it. As, it is a tool for the soul, if you will. Once you connect with your highest self, it will be clear that the mind, will do what it is asked, as will the ego. It’s been given “a bad rap”. It too, is part of the divine. And, should be respected as such. It has just been misinformed about its role. Eons have been spent telling this aspect that it was the most important one, only to discover it is part of the whole of one’s self, and not the King, or Queen, if you will. Therefore, we ask that you have more compassion for the ego, as it deflates into a size that is more manageable for your divine self. But, once it understands it original role, it will do what’s asked of it. As, you are the ultimate creator of what your world will be (the scribe asked that we clarify that ultimate creator not be confused with source). So, all aspects of yourself must listen, and do what’s asked. The caveat here, is that your myriad of aspects must trust that you mean business, this time. Apparently, humans say they are going to do a lot of things, but, at the first sign of difficulty, or discomfort, they fall back into old patterns. So, commitment is mandatory, if your intention is to change, and be in alignment of what is happening now on Terra Earth, which is an extension of the universe. We will go into that at another time, as our scribe is having difficulty accepting that all this information is coming through her. To put it bluntly…her mind is having a fit (laughing), it’s trying to understand…but, not yet… not yet.

So, human, lightworkers, angels… and, all souls awake, or awakening to themselves… this is a wonderful time to be embodied.  There is so much light around you, getting brighter and stronger all the time. Be encouraged, and, be encouraging to one another. And, please, don’t forget to breathe. We’ll be back, once our scribe allows herself to “catch up”.

Love to you, love is you.

The Seven Sisters.


Transmitted by: Monica P. Hall

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