Scribe at work…

Before I begin, I’d like to mention that I was in the middle of cleaning when it was made apparent to me that a message would be coming through… Understand…sometimes spirit doesn’t wait, and you are the one that must be flexible. I admit that I’m not sure what this message is about… I am, only the conduit after all, the messenger–not always the message.



So, it is very intense is it not, earth angels?? Breathing is sometimes hard to come by, the energies are heavy, intense, and just when you think you’re about to catch your breath–more comes through to knock the wind out of you. If you’re still standing–you’re okay…this energy isn’t for you. If you look around you, there are those who find the weight of these new energies so heavy, they can barely kneel, much less stand. They cannot see you, but, you can see them. And, it is they that you came to help, so to speak. Until they remember that they are much like you–stronger, more powerful than they could possible imagine.

We ask you to hang in there. Yes, we know that it seems hard, and to us…it looks hard as, we have no idea how to be human, nor, the actual experience you are having at this time. But, we are here. We are with you, pulling for you, giving you our love and light. We are so close–so much closer than you think. The air is filled, filled with loving energy, souls, spirits and even sprites who are pulling for you–the bringers of the new dawn, the new earth, the new day… not just for you, not just for you–but, for us all. You have no idea the gift you are about to give to the entire universe. But, we are all profoundly grateful that you have taken on this task. Heaven rejoices now…as we know that so much has already been done. So much, that has yet to make its way to the third dimension, thus, you do not see yet.

(change in energies, entites…there’s someone else here)

But, you feel it. You feel it, don’t you?

(scribe has just realized that its not on the seven sisters here… apparently, there’s also a gentlemen by the name of Adamus Saint Germain hanging out. LMAO… very much welcomed, he is! He just pushed the sisters to the side–they complied. If you are familiar with Adamus…this would not surprise you).

The lightworkers…are really earning their keep these days–with themselves, with others. It’s difficult to say the least, with energies coming at you all the time, from all the directions. Lightworkers…BREATHE! Never before has it been so important for you to breath in these energies, and release them back into the universe, with your signature song attached. Someone will catch that breath when it is most needed by them, and your little energetic reminder, will, in turn help them to remember their own I AM deep within their own DNA. Oh, it may not happen today per se… but, it’s going to happen. It’s only a matter of time, energy and breath. And, humans require breath, do they not? So, have faith, have faith, in yourself, in the God/dess within you that lives, and thrives in each now moment.

What’s next? Should I tell you??? More, of course. More. It’s probably not what you want to hear, but, it’s crucial you are prepared. These new blast of high vibrational energies are designed to almost force you to part with the old ways of being, of living, of existing on terra earth. She’s changing, and if you’re going to remain, so you will you. It’s the only way. The old is being ripped away from you layer by layer, so, the smart thing to do would be to simply let go. For, by trying to hold on will only cause you to go into the void with what is disappearing for transformation. Those of you who are awake will understand what that means. Those who are not will think this is a crock of shit… (yes, he curses…). And, that is their choice. But, those who are stirring from their slumber of apathy, unconsciousness…they will read this message and it will ring with clarity for them. And, that is why it is important that you, Lightworkers, remain vigilant in your wonderful, beautiful and quite brave endeavor. Stand firm, in your I AM… know that so many, many you cannot see, but, sometimes feel, are here with you. You are the teachers, to the new ones both being born and awakening… Yes, we know that sometimes you don’t feel like Masters, but, trust yourself–you are. You’ve already mastered so much of this current human experience, which is no easy task, by the way. Those of us on this side, are sometimes exhausted just by observing, and in other times, we are in deep awe of all of you. Keep going, as the scribe says… keep going.

The flood gates of energy have been thrown open, but, you will not only survive it, you will thrive, you will grow. You will be all that you were meant. And, what is that? A fully aware soul embodied, of course. An angel in flesh form. Okay, so this isn’t the first time this has happened, but, its different in that it is happening to many at once, while fully being human. This is an exciting time. Even though it looks as the world is crumbling beneath your feet a new world forms all around and above you–you will not fall, nor will you fail. You cannot, you never could. For…you are God also. Yes, God creating itself from itself, with itself…and, loving every moment. And, so can you, if that is what you wish.

The poor scribe didn’t see this one coming. She usually hosts those very sweet angels from the pleiades… (speaking directly to me: You had no idea I’d show up with them did you? Hahaha… Yes, we are all in alignment, and tonight they agreed to allow me to take the lead)

So, as I was saying…Keep going, although, we are far beyond the tipping point, much is still up ahead. And, you must be fit to carry–yes, carry even more energy. Right now, you are building strength–whether you realize it or not, hahaha. You are bravely releasing what doesn’t work, what’s broken, and things you wonder why the hell you bothered with in the first place. Lighten your load lightworker… lighten your load. There is much more energy coming to and through you. You will need the extra space, you will need to expand, in order to fully carry and ground these new energies. So, with that–the latest report from the heavens, I’ll turn it back over to those lovely angels, that usually broadcast through this channel. And, so it is…

(Seven Sisters)
We do not have much to add, as our dear friend St. Germain, known to some as Adamus, has (snickering) eloquently put it into terms that are basic, and quite understandable. Yes, its becoming critical that you are awake. The tide has turned and it is time for all of you to learn the patterns of these new waves. We advise you to be flexible as all vibrations will not be the same. Discernment is of the utmost importance. Above all others, trust your own I AM, your own intuition. And, do not stray from your heart’s song. Home is always calling for home never left. It’s within you at all times.
Until, our next meeting.

Be love, for you are love.
The Seven Sisters


Okay, that was the first time, I’ve ever had my channel hijacked, but…given the wonderful, incomparable…and dear to my heart, Adamus St. Germain, was the entity that did it… I’m actually honored, rather than annoyed. I do love him so.

I truly hope this channel helped you–it helped me quite a bit. And, I’m sure I’ll refer back to it often as the energies continue to pour out from source.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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  • Lovely Monica, quite lovely! Thanks for sharing, Brenda

  • Hi Monica – just linked to your (beautiful) site from Les Floyds blog (@Lesism). Wow! Your post both fascinated me and made me laugh! I, too, had my usual chat with “My Ladies” (4 guides) highjacked last week (and also felt compelled to blog about it on 9/2). 🙂 Although I couldn’t name the energy, it was a much higher frequency than my guides.

    What really caught my eye in your post was the “I AM” message. That is the same message I took away from the higher frequency being. During the meditation, the energetic being requested that we all “beam” powerful, loved-based waves of “all is well” into the world (since it is such a time of intensifying energies). After the message was complete, I looked at the word BEAM and noticed that it contains the words “BE” and “AM.” What I will “BE” is what I “AM” – and I get to choose what I am and that choice affects the entire world.

    Thank you for “standing firm in your I AM.” I stand with you. 🙂

    • Isn’t Les lovely?! I truly adore that soul. Thank you so much for checking out my site–if you’re laughing and are fascinated by my words, you’re truly understanding me–Monica. I write the way I think. lol… I love your discover about the word BEAM–amazing!

      Thank you for appreciating my I AM and for standing in yours with me. 😉


  • Wow – I’ve been talking about the intense energy on Twitter for a while now (@empathicguide) so this is very interesting. Have also had two Monicas contact me recently asking me for advice – that’s not a very common name where I live, so I took notice and wondered what that might be about – and now I know! Have spent a wonderful evening reading your blog and many of your posts have proved very timely. Thank you, Monica. Warmest wishes to you.

  • Hello Monica,.Finally I am here on your blog ,.Thank you for patience with me,.Indeed very beautiful,.Thanks for sharing this with me,.You are lIke a Tree giving fruit that became from the amazing seed that is like like the very core of our being reminding us of Our True name,.Thank you my Blessed friend,.I am the more becoming in meeting you+E

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