I had to admit, the Sisters have been sticking close to me, watching very closely at how I’ve navigated this summer. From insects to people I’ve dealt with bugs–and, given my most recent experience, I think of them as one in the same because they have been pest. Yet, I understand that bugs are pest purely for the need to survive. The people are pest, because they aren’t conscious… and, that requires me to take quite a few deep breaths, eye rolling, curses and finally…moving beyond it, because it’s not about me. 😉

Now, that we’re into August, and things are a bit calmer… Sorry, I’m not paying attention to either the stock market or the polticians, because I don’t subscribe to crazy. I am happy that I got to do a bit of channeling for The Seven Sisters. It’s brief, but, I found it helpful. Hopefully, you will too.




Everything you’ve wished for will be. Simply because you say it—it is so. What must happen is that the energies must be cleared in order for these things to be manifest. Yes… They are right there, but, there’s a traffic jam of energies, the chaos as you call it. So, though, much sooner than you realize, these old patterns will vanish and pave the way for flow. Not all will have the same experience, for some will long for yester-year, when they were on top–And, could look down their noses at others. Now, the field is being leveled. Playing will resume, but, it will be in fairness to all. Now we will come to a time, where the merit of a man, or woman, will be measured in their heart’s ability to expand. And, for some this will be a challenge as they have either forgotten their hearts, or do not truly realize what it is for.

Now comes the time of relearning, reprogramming the human into the divine being it was meant to be, and always was. Not so much of what you as a species “think” of yourselves, as it is feeling yourselves, and one another, and all there is. It’s a grand time indeed, as the new earth so many have prophesied about  stands on the brink of be-ing. You need only continue in the direction that you have already chosen to go. It is done already– there is no lookingback, as you say. It is a so exciting for all of us to see. Truly, the creator gave such a gift to all of you, when you were allowed free choice. It makes such beautiful pictures, music and yes, sometimes mayhem. But, to us…those of us who observe, its utterly fascinating. What will you do next? We have no idea, but, we do know that  is all well.

Our little, sweet soul of a reader… she’s in the throws of growth, which she allows her ego to sometimes perceive as chaos. She’s truly a creative genius; the things she creates for herself. … Keeping herself up at night with wonders and worries of being a full-time healer and seer—it will come for her; Just not as quickly as her ego would like. Pesky ego…but, at least she’s never bored. Nor are we bored just watching her, as she continues to remember herself, us and who she’s been and will be.

So, what to tell you beautiful, divine souls of earth… Be still… watch, observe. For the old way, the old paradigms are shifting and dying…as you all give birth to a time of great light. Some will sit in silent knowing, understanding that yes…this is the way it must go. While others will go out into the twilight with what can no longer be sustained by either you or the universe. We ask you, no, we implore you, to spend time listening to your heart, your conscious, or just plain listening. Many of you have forgotten how. Listening doesn’t require expectation. It is a place or a state of receptivity. If you truly listen, you’ll understand that what is happening is what must happen. It’s like hitting a reset button, and saying , “this time, I’ll be better.” All the things you may have thought of in hindsight can now be applied with foresight. It’s not too late, you’re not too late. All is in divine time, and the most supreme and flawless order. Be (well) love(s)… for you are love!

The Seven Sisters

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