We come to you at a time of great transition… truth, long thought buried and forgotten are being unearthed. It’s such a pivotal time for humanity. We eagerly watch, to see the magic unfold, to see what you will create next.  Why magic? Why do we use these terms? It is simple… from nothing more than ideas, yearnings of many, and ingredients from the universe… All of you have created this world, a world of life, of energy…of possibilities… And, yes, to us, that is magical. As, there is no other place in the universe where these kinds of things are happening at such a fast pace–even meteors take thousands of years to travel the omniverse. Yet, here, on terra earth… all of you are speaking as one voice, stating that you are ready to take the next step into the great unknown…. You are ready to see what else you have in store for yourselves… You are ready to go beyond what your minds may have told you–you were capable of. But, you are answering the call anyway? What call, you may ask? The call of source, located in your heart chakras, the call of the divine spark, that each living creature on your planet has to  some degree. It’s as if this portion of all things that are God on your planet, have been given the same message… “The time is now… The time to go beyond is now…” Some of you know this call well, it’s the call that says, “It’s time to wake up!” But, who?? Who is it that must wake up? Why, God/Goddess of course… The God/Goddess, that each of you carry in your heart at all times. It’s the part that went to sleep so that it could remember… And, now… sleepy time is over… It’s time to move beyond what has been, into the something new. It’s time for the greatest shift your people have ever known to begin to transpire in a way where you are more aware than ever, as to what is happening.

Gaia… dear Gaia…she has been a mother to you all, nurturing, understanding… allowing, and yes, sometimes demanding that you pay attention to your part in all of this. The weather has been a wonderful illustration of the mixed emotions, the confusion, the tears, heartbreak and miracles that all humans go through while being such. It’s delightful to watch. So many watching from afar, find this to be the most intriguing, and fascinating occurrence the universe have ever seen. We watch stars being born, we watch planets die, but, there is nothing like what’s happening to humans in this NOW time that can begin to compare.

There’s so much excitement here for you! We are rooting you on, cheering you on… Applauding! If you feel the “crowd going wild”, if you sense the “standing ovation”…its us! It’s us… The angels, the lightbeings, the other God/Goddess-like beings, who’ve never even come close to what you’re doing now… We’re so excited just to even fathom the idea that we, may have the chance for the adventure, that so many of you are in the midst of.

Please…do not judge yourselves, harshly… you are doing what’s never been done. So, how “on earth” as you say, can you get this wrong?! You cannot! You cannot. You are creating the story as you live it… Therefore, we are comforted by the idea that there will be some sort of guide post, words of wisdom, and conversations that can be had when some of us, decide to incarnate as human angels. We are all so excited, though, not all, some are having second thoughts… But, we do realize, it’s a brave thing to be human… But, you understand this don’t you? You’ve been doing it for a very long time. And, we thank you for that. We really do.

As this shift comes to it’s first completion… We should mention that we’re noticing the chaos and confusion seemly getting worse. This is temporary for some, and for others, will last as long as they resist. The key is to NOT resist the changes… Go with them, flow with them. Let go of everything, everyone, that isn’t moving along with the energetic winds of change. Again, this will require bravery, courage, and not all will be able to do it. But, those who can no longer fathom the idea of going back–those who cannot see how to even get back… They will press forward. They will create a way, where there is none. They will create a safe haven for the many that will follow behind them. The lightbearers, the world changers, the starseed… they are doing and completing all that they set out to do… And, it’s lovely…even, when as our scribe says, it “looks a mess”. If you thought of it as art, if you thought of it as a story, or one of your movies… You’d appreciate it more. Every one of you has your own energetic song to sing, color to add. And, your life will leave this planet changed by your very existence, and how you choose to express your energies. How remarkable is that? All these things that are the God/Goddess, and yet, each has their own identity, there own voice, their own thoughts and their own signature… Again… magical.

We leave you now, with our utmost respect. We are watching with great earnest, support, hope and love for you… While we know the age of great light is coming, we do not understand the details in which you will paint. As, truly…you’re making it up as you go along. It’s times like these that all the stories our scribe likes to read, seem more plausible then she’s ever thought, and yet… she knows deep within herself… there’s so much more to come. She wonders…”Can I do this?”  And, we answer this: “You already did… Now relax and enjoy yourself.”  We advise you the same. Before you know it, this adventure will lead you back home, and you’ll be clamouring and in some cases complaining, that you miss all the fun of being human. (smile)  So…enjoy it!


Be Love, for you are Love,

The Seven Sisters.

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