Scribe at work: While I know, that not everyone agrees with my beliefs, nor, do they believe in channeling. I cannot, and will not allow those opinons, or beliefs to interfere with my own spiritual development,and the remembering of all that I AM. Therefore, if the concept of channeling bothers you–please feel free to leave this sacred space.


I never know when the seven sisters will decide to speak. I will admit, their energy has been with me for years, prior to my actually transcribing for public consumption. I always knew I was a channel, but, did not know when I would be ready to allow myself to make this known, or receive transmissions in this way.

Who are The Seven Sisters?

They are a group of Angelic Beings from The Pleiades. They desire to help in whatever way they can with the ascension of our planet and its inhabitants. I believe this group to be many, perhaps thousands of energies that choose to speak as one.Which, I personally find to be incredible. The first time, I spoke for them, was last year in a seance. Unfortunately,we didn’t have the language part figured out, thus, I thought we were speaking English, and was told by others, that I was speaking another language completely. Ha, ha, ha… Go figure. 😉 We’re working on blending our energies so that I may both write and speak for them without filter, or friction. It should be known, I love this group. I feel very close to them. And, I’m honored that after much work, my vibration is at level that I may speak for them.

Please enjoy their words.

Love Peace Happiness N One,



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We wish to speak once more, to guide, and help if we can, as your planet, your people continue with its ascension. Anything we can do to help make this transition, or, transmutation of energies easier for you to manage, we are obligated by oneness to do so.

Let us begin.


Breathing—breathing, something that you have long taken for granted, becomes increasingly difficult as the winds of change contain in them both seed-life of the plant kingdom–that furiously competes with the free radicals of your by-products. Thus, creating a somewhat –free-floating, moving toxic-wave that makes it hard for you to breathe. But, what better way for you to remind yourselves of the importance of life? It is the very things that you take for granted, that are now being shifted beneath your feet, forcing even the most stubborn of spirits to take notice. All is not what it was. Nothing should be taken for granted. And, your full presence is now required in order to fully take advantage of this gift of embodiment. Yes, it is a gift. Not all spirits get to be embodied, or human. And, what’s so special about being human??? Choice–That’s what. Choice is energy of the creator, and it has been given you, to make your adventure all the more exciting, thus giving you the opportunity, to have good stories to tell us, upon your return home. We ask that you take more care in how you spend your time here. Because, while it may seem long to you now, upon your return, you will think, “Gosh, I wish had more time. I wish I’d done….”  The scribe reminds us, that many have these thoughts at the end of life, rather than during it. We wish this was not so, but, we would agree.


All around there is change. It touches each and every one of you. And, the awakening spreads. It will soon be clear, that those who do not “seem” awake are merely fighting to remain asleep. They believe that if they do so, they will not have to be accountable for their actions. There is not much energy left to support such things. They will learn: accept the upgrade of consciousness, or, they quite literally could lose their minds. You see it happening, don’t you? It’s sometimes so slow, that it would seem surreal. But, there are some who are as you say, “Losing it!” Give them space, do not try and stop them, as their lives is theirs to live as they choose. Even if the choice is insanity—does that not too, make for good stories to tell after transition?

Stay centered. It’s vital that if your center, your core, hasn’t been developed, or strengthened, that you do this immediately. We wish you to know, that this ride such as it is, will spin more, will go faster, and is meant to throw off those who do not allow themselves to flow with it. Therefore, the more you are secure in your core, the more you are clear in your essence of being—the easier it will be for you to become flexible and “go with the flow.” What is happening, many of you have been practicing for—for eons. Rehearsals over, we are in the throws, of the show. “Places…everyone!” (laughter)

Your reaction is crucial here and now, discipline is going to be crucial. Our scribe is going through a period where she is attracting people so much, that they literally touch her all the time. Whether it’s stepping on her toes, bumping into her, pushing, or, what have you. She finds it quite annoying, but, only today, she realized the opportunity, this closeness provides. It is an opportunity to spread light exponentially, in the close quarters of the NYC subway. And, it is clear, that subconsciously, these sleeping souls feel the magnetic call of light, thus, they find themselves, “touching” her. This may be happening to you as well, perhaps, not as often as riding a subway, but, perhaps in a grocery store, a mall, or wherever you are in your everyday lives. Perhaps you find, that complete strangers, just can’t seem to stay away from you.  Light worker, this is a subconscious plea for help. It is this and many other souls saying, “Help me remember.  Help me wake up.”  Use every opportunity to spread the light of awakening. Use every opportunity, to spread the love energy that, yes, is there all the time, but, was forgotten.


Our scribe has a very special relationship with Gaia. She is constantly communicating what changes Gaia is going through. Whether it’s rain, flooding, snow, high winds, volcanoes, or, earthquakes. Our scribe is forewarned, most of the time. Thus, she knows, the weather is only going to become increasingly “creative” in how it continues doing the simultaneous jobs of creating change for you as inhabitants, and continuing the ascension of the mother earth spirit of Gaia. We would ask that you too, begin to attune your energies to mother earth. Spend time in nature. Look up at the sky, ask questions. If you are truly interested in what is going on—on your planet, spend time in what you would call nature, look up at the sky and simply ask.  And, be ready to receive the answer, by simply waiting in the silence and breathing it in.

That is all we have for now. We would imagine that you may feel overwhelmed, tired, possibly afraid, and confused. But, truly, you have the answers. The answer is you—the answer is love. You need only remember.

Love to you, Love is you.

The Seven Sisters

Transmitted by: Monica P. Hall

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  • My sis Monica,
    I don’t know your group or website already exist how long? But I just can felt this energy 3 months ago. Im happy that I’m not the only one that felt this energy.
    I very comfortable to saw what u wrote on the blog .i certainly 100% will support ur movement and I
    Hope u also can heal back my disappointment.Carry ur good work god bless you.

    Penang. Ng.

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