I’ve been watching what’s been going on in the middle east for sometime now, with great respect for the people there who’ve grown so tired of having their lives dictated to them, that they’ve decided to take their power back. Espavo to you all. But, the very same events have made me think even more about freedom. How is it lost, and how do we get it back?

When we are born, we don’t think about freedom. Babies do as they will, they do not ask for permission to cry for what they need. They do not ask if its okay to smile, to relieve themselves, or, for anything for that matter.  The concept of permission is taught. It is taught along with things like civility, religion, social graces, class systems, belief systems, etc. We are born free, and then are immediately bombarded with the collective ideas of those around us. And, because we’ve also been taught to fear: abandonment, embarrassment, death and all sorts of other things stemming from them–we willingly give away our own freedom in order to be accepted by the whole.

Yet, when we give away, what I would argue is our birthrite, freedom–who truly benefits?? In a word: No one. Global society doesn’t truly benefit from willing enslaving, oppressing, or manipulating one another. Every empire falls…eventually. That is a given. Every tyrant who has attained power, was given power by the majority of souls around them. In short: we make the tyrants, the dictators, the power-hungry megalomanics of the world. We do this by giving our power, our freedom to them, thinking we are saving ourselves. But, we are not. We are creating a life of hardship, of denial of ourselves, and willingly caging our authentic selves for the sake of another.

Freedom is given away all the time. And, yet, only in war does it become so blatantly clear, that we act. Freedom, our true selves cannot be denied, or caged forever. It is unnatural, it is counter-intuitive. It is simply a truth that will fight the lie, until the lie is no longer. And, yes–even the fear of physical death pales in comparison to a life of living death. Thus, we fight. We fight for our families, for our future, but, more importantly, for ourselves right NOW.

It is not always a madman that we fight against. Sometimes, it’s the people we surround ourselves with. Do you feel free to speak your true mind and heart around your friends and family? Do you with hold things in order to avoid an argument, a fight, being shamed, ridiculed, or abandoned? In those times, who is the prisoner–who is the oppressor? Answer: You. Sure, you could say that it is someone else,but, in essence, it you who has projected your denial of your truth onto others. That isn’t to say, that you will not be challenged to stay silent, to behave in a certain way, or to do as your told. You will. But, the truth is, you can always say no.

Freedom is consciously knowing you have a choice. Your birthrite, has to be revisited and reclaimed in order to know freedom. Freedom is expressing yourself without permission of anyone  outside of you. It is not required that we all agree with one another. It is not required that we approach out individual truths the same. Freedom expresses your soul’s desires without the reassurance of another. Freedom is bravely forging ahead into the acceptance, and loving of yourself without judgement, ridicule, or definition. Freedom allows you to continue to expand your own thoughts, your own beliefs and your own voice.

A soul truly expressing freedom is like a bright star in darkness. It beckons other stars to ignite and shine their own light. No two are alike–the color, the shape, the vibration will all be unique. And, yet they share the knowing that they are stars. When all stars are shinning their light–the darkness of oppression ceases to exist. And, yet, in freedom, there is a knowing that there is enough room for all stars to shine.

So, as I watch this huge shifting of times continue, I am in awe of the souls of eons gone by, of today, and those waiting to be born. The divinity of the human being will remember its freedom, and those of the other souls around it. Freedom truly expressed has no desire to control anything beyond itself.  For, the desire to control another, is nothing more than a soul who has yet to free itself from its own prison. Have faith–we’ll all get there.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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