“It is the mastering of ourselves that qualifies us to teach.”- MPH

 That’s a pretty profound statement, isn’t it? I admire it often… I think about how it’s so true. — That’s all we have to do in this life, to fully enjoy it, to live at our highest potential… master ourselves… Such a simple statement, such a life-changing epiphany… And, it’s mine. Lol… Yeah, I am the master who remembered this, Monica Patrice Hall… MPH.

I think we forget how great we already are, how wise, how wonderful, and how much we already know. We get so caught up in the pursuit of wisdom, that we forget to enjoy the wisdom already earned. My entire life’s goal has been about being able to express out loud, on full display the power, the strength, the big energy that I’ve always felt like I am. And, now that I’m here… it’s just… fucking awesome! It’s better than I could have ever imagined. Throughout my entire life, I’ve understood that self-expression has been my passion. I talk in so many different ways, it’s all been about saying this… “Hi, I am an expression of all that there is… And, I will be heard.” But, is that need and desire to express your part of all that is–not the same reason we’re all here? We make it complicated, but, it’s so very simple when you think about it.

Masters understand freedom in this realm is something you born with, but, it is the living in the realm of free will that is the challenge. Everyone wants to have a say in how someone else expresses their divinity. And, the more I grow, the more sovereign I become, the more of mastering of myself that I own–the more rules, the need to rule, or have a say, or power that isn’t yours, becomes increasingly ridiculous. –Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Buddha laughs, or Mona Lisa smiles… I don’t know, but, it amuses me more and more, where it used to frustrate me. As that was my fight–fighting an entire world of rules, regulations, laws and religion just to be who I’ve always been. And, you know what? I’m DONE.

I’ve never been a good follower–those with indigo in their auric field, just don’t do rules…it makes us angry, it makes us feel caged, we just know in our core… it’s not what was intended. When all that there is–is divine and you get that–you don’t understand the concept of rules. There’s one thing, with many expressions, it doesn’t need to rule itself. Silly… just silly. A waste of energy, a waste of time, and in far too many cases a waste of life. The need to rule has caused an unfathomable amount of harm, death, destruction, and war on the divine while it searches to remember itself. Freewill… the greatest experiment, the universe has ever played with.

In my life-long quest of self expression, I’ve learned this for sure… I don’t like cliques, I don’t require approval of anything other than my own heart. I know that I can walk alone, as long as I’m happy–and, I’m happiest when I’m true to myself. I have never felt comfortable with the concept of group think–thus, I’ve happily sat on the fringes of a lot of organizations, groups, communities, etc… Why? I think I’ve always known this: very rarely does a group allow it’s members to become self-empowered enough to lead themselves. The moment someone does that–the entire group turns and swarms them like angry bees. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve either been one of the angry bees attacking, or you’ve been the rebel who questioned the hive, and was attacked.

I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again… I’m not your average spiritual being. I’m not your average psychic… Let’s just face it… I am not average. My approach to life and people is to assist everyone I come into contact with to become the greatest expression of the divine that they can. That’s it. I assist. I don’t do your work for you, I don’t tell you what to do, and I am not attached to whether or not you succeed. It doesn’t mean I don’t have compassion, or that I cannot relate. It means, I honor the God within you. It means, I understand that between you and I, there’s an invisible line. On one side of the line there is me, my choices and the consequences therein. On the other side is you, with your choices and consequences. And, I never cross that line. I’ve been asked, perhaps conjolled, and yes, even tempted. But, doing so is a disservice to both myself, and the person I claim to help. A master knows the line between themselves, and the master they are assisting in remembering themselves.

I confess… I am a badass! LMAO… Okay, it’s not a hard confession to make. I’ve earned myself. I worked for this, and I’m very proud to be who I am. Some people follow a path, and people like me set a path ablaze… they create a path out of nothing, they see a path in places people have yet to discover. But, the path, the one I’ve created, I always knew where it would lead me–to me. The same is true for you, whether you realize it or not… And, a master understands that no matter how many books they read, workshops they attend, or how many times someone tries to teach them to be a master–they’ll never get it, until they stop listening to the outside chatter, and focus on their own voice speaking within. When you can clearly hear yourself, and heed your voice above all others… Well, tell me, what’s more badass than that?! What’s more divine? And, what could provide a better adventure, or a happier life?

I have a show on Journey Into the Light tomorrow night. And, what I love about doing live shows is this… The same Monica you hear on the radio, is the same Monica  you will meet in a session, at a party, or at a grocery store. I haven’t divided myself up into sections to fit the ideals of society. I am the me, that I love, that I admire, that I’ve worked so hard to express… I am her all the time. No, I am not for everyone… And, everyone is not for me. And, that’s okay, it’s perfect and it’s divine.  I am not a politically correct psychic, actor, writer, thinker, person…

“We have social graces as to not to offend the masses… only ourselves.” — MPH

My directness has and will offend people. But, I find vagueness, deception, and lying more offending. If I am speaking to you, and you to me–I want the truth, therefore I provide it. Truth is more important than the ego’s belief that it cannot handle challenges, hurt feelings, or directness. I don’t like being coddled, placated, or treated like bone china. I am strong, I’ve lived through a lot, it didn’t break me, and if I don’t choose it… nothing ever will.

“When in darkness, YOU are the Light.” – MPH

We forget who we are before we’re born, and we spend our entire lives attempting to remember that we’re already divine, we’re already masters on the grandest adventure that universe/creator/God can offer itself. 🙂 I’m done with making it difficult. I’m done with assuming someone else knows my story, when I’m still in the midst of writing it. So, when you’ve collected all your tools from all those who’ve come to help you, guide you, advise you… remember to build something great, build something wonderful, and that you came in divinely made, and that is how you will leave. 🙂

Party on Souls!!!

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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