Okay, so, I know that in today’s society, being happy with yourself is frowned upon. Being loving towards yourself  in all your aspects means you’re weird–but, you know what? Society is wrong and has been for quite some time. So…in true rebel fashion…”I’m not listening to you!” Heehee!
I just got through a tough week. This week asked me to be strong, awake and clear-minded when everything outside of me was urging me to fold like a house of cards! But, I perservered, and I showed some grace while doing it. Living in NYC for almost 14yrs, could  be like a scientific experiment on the psyche and personality. And, if perchance you retain some of your happiness, sanity, ability to love, and show compassion–then you’ve got to be a master in some realm or other, because this place definately could be considered the land of the predators. That being said–I still love it here. I consider myself a New Yorker, because I’ve earned it. Yet, at the same time, I’m still a Southern Girl, because I maintain my manners, and my charm.
In my 32 years of being, I’ve been faced with challenges that I never dreamed of, from everyone that you can think of, but, most of all from myself. And, though I may have stumbled, tripped or plain fell on my face or ass—I always get up, and I always find and learn the lesson. And, no matter what–I have no regrets. Nope…none. I don’t believe in mistakes anymore, I believe in experiences. I don’t believe in having issues, I believe in transisitions and growth. I believe in finding the humor in everything and laughing with the same sincerity in which you love. So, oh yeah… I’m feeling myself today, I plan to raise a toast to myself later on. And, I’m thinking that my relationship is sooo serious with myself that I need to make it official. Hmmm…this usually involves a ring of some sort… We’ve been together for 32 years (myself and I), I’m thinking a promise ring would be insulting… Heehee! Bottomline…loving yourself is coolness, being your own fan is a blessing and never having to look outside of yourself for the answer??? Priceless!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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