What is that??? Your gut is talking to you? Is the 2nd Chakra telling you that this is the year of change, my fellow libra?! I know I’ve been feeling it. I’m calling it Endgame 2008. Don’t want to confuse but those of you hip to numerology, we are in a 1 year. Let’s do the math (yeah, I can do the basic kind! lol) 2+0+0+8=10 and in numerology things must be reduced down to one digit (unless is it a double digit such as 11, master numbers cannot be reduced.). So… 1+0=1  See? One year! A one year is a new beginning. So, it isn’t just Barack Obama that’s calling you to change. It’s all those things that you cannot see nor put into words. The time of playing with toys, temper tantrums, and irresponsiblity is coming to a crossroads. Are you going to make the transition into true adulthood, which imho, only means being assertive in your self-discipline, being honorable in word and deed. And, being accountable for your actions. I’ve heard the call. Did the rest of you libras get it? I’ve been hearing it since the new year chimed in, but, for all of you who are little late to the party… Rob Brezny is backing me up. Peep this…

Libra Horoscope for week of February 7, 2008

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