Let me start by saying… I adore my family. It’s taken a lot of time and work, but, I love them sooo much!
My family is kinda…well…nuts. Like any other family I suppose. They would argue that I’m the most odd/weird out of everyone–and they’d be right. They can all agree on what normal is, religion and those things. And, then there’s Ms. third of four aka me. The artist that had to go to NY, and almost never comes home to visit. And, probably has given our mom (don’t feel sorry for her, she’s nobody’s victim) the hardest time. The first to get a tattoo, and thus far the only one to have a body piercing. The only one that’s been nude in public, danced on a bar and gone hiking alone. LOL… I guess I do sound a bit eccentric, huh?
In most cases, my family and I agree on…nothing! LOL It used to be quite painful to be around them. For all of you who think I talk loudly and dominant conversations ( and you know who you are), you should meet my family. If you want to be heard, you’d better be loud and agressive with your words! LOL Be ready to bring it, or be ready to break out. We don’t know about in-between.
Why I love them so much now is a few reasons. I’m a strong woman because of my family. I truly had to fight to be myself and be true to that, to survive the pressure of conforming to what my family believes “right” is. And, now, I just don’t have certain conversations anymore. It’s cool to be an adult, have your own…whatever and know that if you don’t like what’s being said, you can leave. Nowadays though, I appreciate them for being them. They don’t have to understand me, my lifestyle, my tattoos, my music, my taste in men or friends–doesn’t matter–at least to me. It doesn’t matter to me if they progress or regress, because I’m not walking in anyone’s shoes but my own. I think our family is the first place I learned my limits of power. “Your choices, your consequences.” That’s my feeling on things, and yeah, they all know it. When I say I tell the truth even if it hurts, they can testify to that. No one tells me anything, unless they’re ready to discuss the truth! LOL  Nope, not even the family gets sugar to help the medicine go down, and I don’t expect it from them, either. Straight, no chaser.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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