Now, I should say that I’m not the world’s smartest person… not even close. But, cause and effect, I understand. Often times I wonder if people really understand it. What is karma but, a concept of cause and effect? Yet, people try an get around it, as if that’s possible.

Okay…you plant a bad seed, and you expect a rose to bloom…huh? Uh…no. You’re an asshole to someone, you expect to succeed in some other aspect of your life? No, no…it’ ain’t gonna happen. And, what amuses me the most is that the effects these days are coming at a much quicker rate…We’re talking days and weeks here. The co-worker I spoke about yesterday, had a  very heavy workload today, and looked absolutely terrible most of the day…hmmm…wonder why?

A guy who was a real ass to me three months ago, shows up to apologize two days after–wait for it… his OWN birthday! LOL And, something I said would happen in another group is rapidly unfolding as I write this… As John Denver said…”Life a nothing but a funny, funny riddle… thank God I’m a country boy”. Okay, so, I’m not a boy…obviously! But, I am a southern girl orignally, and I love that!

Why do people think they can work against nature? It continues to be one of the things I scratch my head over. A friend of mine, whom I love is quite confused about themselves and how life is in general. They hate to put themselves out for something that is good for them, but, then doesn’t understand why I won’t extend myself as much as I’d like to. Why? Well…it’s simple… I don’t feel like giving what I’m not recieving… And, that is my choice is it not? I’ve decided to let that friend spend sometime thinking about how they can make themselves better as an individual, then they can worry about how they’re treating people. Hopefully, they’ll find the courage to do the work necessary to grow, if not…well…that’s their life’s journey not mine. And, I don’t mean to make it personal.

Freewill, a birthright, but, in the oddest way possible. Now, you can try an fight a tidelwave and it will have a certain result. Or, you can go with the flow of it and try an survive. Life I think is much like this… Fight it…and you’ll see who’s boss (Hint: not you!). Or, go with it…and enjoy the ride. We’ve all been guilty of trying to fight the tidel wave, but, I got tired of getting my ass kicked. And, I’ve been refered to as tough cookie more times than I care to remember. So, now… I comence the lotus position, chant three Om(s)…and go with it. Works better than expected. And, from the shore–watching those souls who choose to fight the tidelwave, is painful at best…ugh! Just gooo with it!

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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