I don’t expect people to always agree with me. And, yes, I’ve made adjustments in my thinking that I will not always be treated in a way in which I deserve. But, I will not tolerate abuse in any form. I will guard myself, my integrity, and the life I’ve created with everything I have.

Recently, I found out that I was being used as search engine tag for “spamdexing.” Yes, prior to this violation, I had never heard of the term either. But, recently, I’d noticed my name being used by a site I’d never heard of. And, after watching this site move up in search engine searches, compromising my integrity, and my business, I decided to take action.

First, I found the owner of the site, and tried to contact them, only to find out their contact information was bogus. The next step was to contact the web host to see if they could help.  You know, the sad thing about the world we live in nowadays, is that truly, most people DON’T want to help you, if that means they have to do something. The web host, at first, told me they didn’t see the problem that I had clearly found–that you could’ve found, that anyone with the slightest internet knowledge would’ve found. They–their legal team had no idea what I was up in arms about. Fine–you don’t want to do your due diligence, allow me to do it for you. I responded to the legal team of this so-called professional web host with copied and pasted links, and a few screen shots of how my name, business identity and intellectual property was being trashed all over the internet on a global level.  So, of course, of course they immediately remedied the situation, right?! Right?! WRONG!!! See, here’s the thing, how was this a problem for them? So, what, they host a spam site, that links to another spam site in Europe, that compromises an innocent person–and?! After, unsuccessfully attempting to trap me into signing my right to sue them away, they just ignored me. All the while this spam site is steadily moving up in the search engine ranks. Ignoring–yes, that’s a tactic, and a lot of times, it works. Why? Because nine times out of ten, YOU aren’t going to stand up for your rights when it comes to dealing with corporations. The only problem this company had was… I’M NOT YOU, I’M ME! And, NO ONE is allowed to use me. Ghandi had this wonderful quote: “No one can hurt me without my permission.” Well, I didn’t give any permission. So…now, you’ve pushed me into a corner. And, well… ding, ding… Round 1 is upon us!

I contacted the local BBB in the same location as the host site, that attempted to ignore me. I’d like to point out, that doing so, was still generous, as I could’ve contacted their state attorney general. And, after my filing, I was also kind enough to inform the legal team of that hosting site. And, after two days… the EVIL, spamdexing site is GONE! And, they thanked me for pointing out this horrible, illegal violation of their policies, and welcomed me to do so again in the future. …right…

Why is this important, and what does it have to do with spirituality?! In a word: EVERYTHING! This kind of situation is played out over and over again, everyday, in every corner of our known world. Somewhere right now, someone is giving away their power to someone, or something else, simply because they’ve been fooled into believing they are powerless. It’s a LIE! And, it must stop! The world is the way it is, because one individual sold themselves out, then another, then another, and then they procreated and gave birth to a tribe, a village, a community, a state, a country, a world that thinks it is powerless. I repeat:  It’s a LIE! 

It’s a fallacy to believe that everyone has your best intentions at heart. Many do, and many do not! That’s reality. And, when you are pressed to submit your personal power, your self-love, integrity, self-respect… RESIST! And, if they press harder, RESIST MORE! Light always overcomes darkness, truth always finds its way to the surface, no matter how deeply buried! And, in a world so tired, frustrated and compromised on so many levels, if we cannot guard ourselves–NO ONE will! I’ve already made my choice–what say you?!

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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