You know… I’m just done. I’m done with all the excuses I’ve heard, read and been told to believe. I’m done!

Question: Who started the rumor that life comes without challenge, trial, or test?!!!

I highly doubt there has been a life (of any species) in the history of living that didn’t come with resistance of some sort. But, everyone one is so eager to talk about how fucked up their life was, is, and how they behavior is everyone’s fault, but, theirs! Really?!! So, once you realized your unhealthy behavior is the result of what so-and-so did you when you were little, are they still responsible for you acting out knowingly? Or, what about that person who cheated you, hurt you, stole from you, and on and on and on… The moment you understand that something fucked happened to you, is when it becomes YOUR responsibilty to heal yourself!

Listen… Life can be HARD! And, I cannot and will not dispute that. But, life can also be wonderful, beautiful, and yes, even magical! But, it will never be without challenge! And, I’m just sick and tired of everyone foaming at the mouth with all the excuses of why they cannot be:

  1. Happy
  2. Healthy
  3. Loved
  4. Loving
  5. Forgiving
  6. Generous
  7. Peaceful

Forget the rest of the world, I’m just speaking of us as individuals! There are some seriously miserable people out there, who think they MUST be that way, because of something that happened to them decades ago! If you LIVED through it, it was because you CHOSE to LIVE–not exist… LIVE! And, if you don’t know the difference, you’re probably a breathing corpse, and, I’m sorry, but, that cannot be a good thing. Why physically be here, if the rest of you died years ago, and stayed there?

Now, more than ever we have a world that provides more books, numerous therapies, spiritual guidance, and information to us, and a lot of it is free! And, yet–there are still too many people walking around choosing to still be victims. What is going on?!!

I’m sorry, but, in this day and age, unless you’re still a child forced to live under certain conditions… You do not have to choose to be a victim any longer. You can have YOUR LIFE assuming you WANT your life! No one here can give fill the void, because what’s missing is YOU! You, like the all of us, have to earn your healing, you have to rebuild who you are, and become who you want to be.

Easy??? There’s that concept again… NO! No, it isn’t easy! It will never be easy! It gets easier with practice, commitment and dedication. But, the truth is, with each challenge overcome, you can bet there will be another just around the corner. Is that a reason to give up?! Not for me. Not for those who want their lives, their personal freedom, and to spend more time making new memories, rather than reliving nightmares.

Being fucked-up is no longer an excuse people… It just isn’t. If you want your life…it’s right there for you–you just have to build your own personal bridge to it, and have enough courage, desire, defiance, will and most of all LOVE for yourself, to cross it. Come on… it’s so WORTH it!

***Dedicated to the brave, who build bridges and march toward the lives they’ve only seen in their dreams.***

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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