I have to say, I make myself giggle with my randomness, things you can predict about me, and the things you’d never guess. So…let’s list some of the things blowing through my head besides the mucus from my allergies–yep, I can be gross, did you know that?
1. I love marvel comics! And, cartoons. At random times, you can find me in a passionate debate about X-men, and I know for a fact they were working on a Captian America film, but, due to the political suffering of this country, on too many levels to list, the movie is shelved for now.
2. I love Hot Dog joints. Big shout out to my people’s at Dash Dog on the LES. They let me play DJ last night with my MP3 player. And, I had the joint rocking. The Dread that came in got holy to Redemption Song. The Hipsters were feeling my Rusted Root, Alica Keys made everybody swoon, Mary J. has us wanting to fly away with somebody, and System of a Down had us headbanging… Good times. They told me I should come back again…with my music. Oh..and the hotdog combinations are amazing after a night of drinking, or um…whatever you’re into.
3. I love two spirits passionately. 1. Tequila and 2. Maker’s Mark. Tequila…what can one say? Goes down smooth, kicked up with some lime, salt and a cutie to make out with. Last night, I wasn’t interested in cuties, but, a very nice magazine owner supplied me with some free tequila. I don’t know him, but, generosity goes a long way in my book. —Now, Maker’s Mark is a beautiful bourbon that I like to sip gently with some cola. It’s my jazz drink. I know that sounds weird, but, there’s a part of me that’s really jazz. I like dark rooms, with quiet crowds with baited breath waiting for the musicans to take us on a velvet-covered fantastic voyage of music. I am Jazz–at least a part of me anyway.
4. I’m very cool in crazy situations. I had a crazy situation last night. I was at this magazine party in support of someone who hasn’t always been supportive of me. Why? Because, I just knew I needed to be there. Call it telepathy, call it a hunch, call it Monica and her “knowing”, but, yeah, I showed love to someone I do love dearly. My thoughts on change and growth are thus: If you expect the world to grow, you’ve got to be willing be the example…the standard. And, I am that.
5. I’m all about my sistas and chicks right now. Here’s the odd thing about me, I’ve always had best friends who are women, but, considered myself to be the anti-girl. I really wasn’t into the ick of ribbons, bows and delicateness. I was more into hanging with my guy friends, watching sports, drinking beer and discussing art. Okay, so, maybe being an artist from an art school had much to do with that. But, now… I’m all about making sure my girls are straight. I’m into being supportive of them, their efforts, their growths. And, I discover more about me, as they discover more about themselves. So, yeah…hear the roar of this woman. Actually…you’d probably don’t want me to do that. People have been saying more and more that I’m scary. Heehee
6. I’m really upset that Joe Torre had to leave the Yankees. The Yankees corp suck! See, this is when you know everything in this country is about making a buck! The contract they offered Joe was embarassingly below his standards as a manager, coach and person! The dude gives you 12 yrs, 4 world series and 12 yrs of playoffs and you offer him a contract with a pay-cut, littered with hoops to jump through to make an extra million here or there? I’m like him…FUCK YOU GEORGE STEINBRENNER! See…I told you I was upset about it. Freaking Mets having only had passing glances with the world series for god-knows how long, and Joe Torre is no longer in pinstrips… bullshit!
7. Okay, so, I am sooo anti-politics, but, those people are sticking their big fat noses into my business. The movie business. Dude… Brian De Palma’s film on the Iraq has been hacked by his distribution company! Okay, so, yes, there’s the grissliness of war, and what those US soilders did to those little girls and their families are awful! And, you SHOULD know about it. WAR hurts everyone and censorship is creating a utopia of lies! It is the artist’s and writer’s job to report real life back to people! And, I’m sick of full o’shit politicians trying to monitor what I should know of the world with the idea that they know what’s best for me! YOU DON’T! I prefer truth, but, see, no one in any government really wants me to know that. I mean, if I knew what they did, however could they hope to control me?! Loser: you can’t!
7. I actually spend a lot of time alone and silent at the lilypad. I imagine some day I’ll have to share my home with another human or two again. Hmm…I’ll have to make a lot of adjustments. Which of course I’d do… love is a most wonderous thing.
So being that 7 is my life path number… I’ll stop here.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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