Today was such a good day. Not only did I get some much needed sleep, but, after my paper-pushing, phone-answering, office gig, I met with my production partners. And, you know what? I’ve realized that I am sooo freaking forturnate to be able to work so well with two extraordinary talents and souls. They totally “get me”, my work-ethic and my ever-so-slight insanity (okay every-so-slightly intense insanity). And, we just roll with one another, with few bumps and absolutely no bruises.
I’m odd in the way I have my business meetings. I like to have like a 1/2 hour in the beginning where we talk about utter nonsense, yet, it is related to the entertainment industry. We also do these weird little improvs, which helps in combining the energies and helps us focus. And, then, boom…business gets done! Today we cranked out a strategy and agenda for what we’re going to do for the rest of the year in regards to our production. And, I’m excited, because it involves throwing a party. I love parties, I love socializing, dancing, yes…drinking, and vibing. The timing for strategizing couldn’t be better, because dude.. I’m freaking tired!!! Work and two projects that are life-altering… sometimes I say to myself, “what the hell is wrong with you?! Are you suicidal with all this working?!” And, then I remember, “Right… I’m not really corporate material! I hate suits!”
Tomorrow is 7/7/07 and numerologically speaking its important. So, I’m excited to be going to vibe with some friends in the boogie-down tomorrow. A picnic, a meditation, and a lot of positive energy. A good day indeed.
I’m not gonna lie, it’s been quite the chore surfing the wave of life I’m on. I have some interesting undertow that I’m navigating, and some odd changes in current in terms of people. But… no matter what, I’m going forward. Sure, some would rather I “wait” for them to figure their direction out, but… I just think now is the time for everyone to act like they “know-the-ledge”. The exchange of energy that happens in relationships of all types is important, and should be respected. And, if it cannot be, well…hard decisions have to be made, and other’s are “just gonna have to take it.” Or, make an effort to bring about a resolution where everyone feels satisfied. The world has become a place, where we are always on the defense, and looking out for someone to try an get over on us. –Trying to carve out a little bit more for themselves, and leave you wanting more. Sucks… I’m not down with that. Call me crazy (you wouldn’t be the first), but, I just think there’s more than enough to go around. No one has to leave wanting more, or getting more than their share.
Anyhoo…I’m grateful for all those who understand how important equality in all its facets is for me. I’m grateful to all who helped me understand that in order to be blessed, I have to be a blessing. I adore my peeps who understand  and honor the code I live by. To me, everyone is someone to be treated well, to be respected, is my equal, regardless of whatever illusionary obstacles they may percieve. I honor the law of one.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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