I’ve been pondering a lot of things recently…relationships of all sorts including my most important one; the one I have with myself.
I dunno about this society anymore, I find myself wanting to move further and further away from it, until we make up our minds as to what kind of world we’re going to be and how we’re going to treat one another. It’s just impossible for me to accept that people don’t understand even exchanges, or the importance of fairness, and how treating people fairly has a huge impact on society as a whole. Increasingly, I’m watching people look for ways to take advantage of one another with the idea that it will get them one step ahead because there’s this idea that there’s just not enough for all of us. And, honestly…that’s crap. For example, there’d be enough food, if we weren’t soooo anti-agricultural in this country. Horticulture is a great skill. One that I admire as I am not even very good at keeping a house plant, and would probably starve if I had to live off the land. But, hey, I’ll trade you a theatrical performance for some dinner… Bartering…its a lost art form in my opinon. We are truly in a world where people think that they are entitled to more than others because of whatever reason… And, the lengths people go through to get over is– in a word…”disgusting!” I actually had someone say to me today that they really thought greed was good, no, I wasn’t watching wall street, I work on wall street!  Okay…does anyone know why greed is one of the deadly sins??? Well, its simple, when you’re greedy, no matter how much you get it’ll never be enough. So…let’s just say its food. You’re getting morbidly obese, while someone is starving. And, in the end…EVERYONE DIES and quite painfully, too! So…there’s something to be said for the even distribution of things, as anything done in excess will surely kill you!
I’m watching a lot of people grappling with uncertainty on so many fronts: financially, personally, in their relationships. And, I don’t think I’ve ever felt more compassion for my fellow human beings than I do now. Everyone is sooo afraid. And, they don’t even know what they are afraid of. We’ve traded in our sense of self, of wholeness and inner peace for a piece of the American Dream, or what have you. And, the truth is in this particular case the dream really is an illusion. And, its meant to be. And, soooo now here it comes…the dwindling market, job loss, we’re still in war, and those that have may have to come to terms with not having as much. I hate to say it but, if people are lucky the business that will profit the most from people becoming depressed are churches, therapist and sadly…drug companies. When you identify yourself with your stuff, career and its all taken away, then you’re forced to see what’s really important. I understand its a human tendency, but, jeez, how many times do these lessons really need to be taught?! And, the truth of the matter is that most people know exactly what they should be doing, and yet still choose not to. So, what’s the exchange??? I think when one denies themselves the chance to do what’s right for themselves, then they are with certainty setting themselves up to ultimately fail. And, that can be devestating  to not only experiece, but, to witness. We all want to help someone we see heading for the falls, but, we can only paddle our own canoe. You know what I mean? I don’t think people should ever underestimate the power of fear, or how dabilitating it can be. Even the most successful of people monetarily, can be completely empty and void of meaning in their lives because of an inability to connect with someone else on a soul level. Wow…all the toys in the world, more money than you’ll spend in a lifetime and still feel like you–yourself are nothing, and have nothing. That is sad.
I wish meditation were part of our education system.  A moment of silence and prayer are nice, but, they usually involve talking. And, sometimes, make that a lot of times, we need to shut up and listen to what our body, mind and spirit are saying. I’m sure its along the lines of…”I’m tired, I need rest.” “Please stop feeding me junk food!” “Dude, I don’t like this smoking thing–we can’t breathe!” “Yo…that person is really toxic, being around them is making us sick!” “I hate this job, why are we here?!” “Why the hell are we eating so much, I want to talk about what’s really bothing me, and you keep choking us with food!” “Hello…can we talk about our feelings here? The drugs and alcohol aren’t numbing us–just killing us!” “It was really f-ed up the way we were treated as a child! I want to heal from it, why won’t you let me speak?!” I know people are afraid of going in and dealing with themselves. But, again I ask…what’s the exchange? Oh…um…substance abuse problems, domestic violence, eating disorders, loneliness, anxiety, depression (pick one there’s sooo many), and a lot of broken families. 
See, no one ever tells us how important it is to develop a relationship with ourselves, and so, we have to learn it either the hard way, or in a lot of cases…not at all. No one ever says that it is your ability to not only develop your emotional range, but, express it–that’s what connects you to the rest of the world, the ability to relate to one another. And, of course…we aren’t taught the importance of not only telling the truth but, living it. We’re not cookies, we’re individuals living on the planet collectively. We’re like snowflakes…no two humans are alike, yet,.still, we’re all human. When we can invest in our lives in wholeness then, we can expect a full life in return–an even exchange. There’s no short cuts, no crib notes…there’s only doing the work and reaping the reward.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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