Hmm…not understanding it anymore kids… I just don’t get it!!! What are we waiting for exactly??? How many people dream? Do you remember dreams? Do you remember all the things you wanted for your life? Do you remember your passions? So…???? Where are they now? Why aren’t they your reality? Why??? Because you don’t want to move past the fear to redefine your reality. So…there you are…same place you were last week, last month, last year. Using the same tools, methods, and ideas that have never worked! How frustrating! Someone should pay for that–except someone is… YOU.
Where oh, where have all the leaders gone? Where are the warriors of change? The brave ones? The pioneers–trailblazers?! Its no accident that our country is quickly losing ground in global economy. Its no accident that the democratic process has been losing its integrity for some time now. Its no accident that we import everything, make nothing, and consume more than our share of crap–doesn’t matter what kind, we’ll take it all. We’ve become complacent–frustrated, yes, but, complacent all the same. We’ve become fearful of saying what we really want, and worse yet, paralyzed by that same fear to the point where we don’t pursue it. Ugh…
I’m sure you’re aware of that phrase, “Oh…but…what are you going to do? That’s just the way it is…” And, that is bullshit! That is laziness, that is…fear! Have we gone from land of the free home of the brave… to land of the lazy home of the slave? Oh…shit…did I just say slave?! OMG!!! But, yeah, kids, I did! Know why? Because everytime you choose fear over you…someone is benefiting from it. Everytime you don’t use your voice, someone is going to take advantage of you, on that, you can count on. Whether it be your civil rights, your money, your home, your physical freedom, your job…if you insist on being a “have-not” someone will insist on being a “have.” And, who’s fault is that? Um…yours! Hello!!!!
I’m the product of  the African slave, the Native American and a French Candian. So…I have quite the fighting spirit! I cannot look at myself in the mirror and not understand that I couldn’t be who I am, if it weren’t for others who died before me. Every dream I make come true for myself, I make come true for hundreds to thousands before me, and as many as that, if not more, behind me. So…no…fear isn’t an option! I talk about how I enjoy the smallest things in life, and I do, but, as a human being, I’m entitled to all things life has to offer me, not just the things, someone with an inflated ego says I can have.  And, my mind, my thoughts, my desires all belong to me. And, I call the shots!
I’m hearing too many people complain about all the things they wish they could do, yet they sit there as if they are waiting for someone to give them permission. Or, worse yet, bring it to them! I have bad news for you: it ain’t coming! Now, you still gonna sit there? You want the dream job? Move toward it, prepare for it, without fear, and allow it to come to you. You want the love of your life and all that comes with it??? If perchance, that person shows up, which they tend to do when you least expect it. DO NOT RUN! I repeat, DO NOT (fucking) RUN! Great, you’re not ready…who cares? Get ready! Timing is a figment of our imagination, okay?! There is no time! There’s NOW, and what if, that’s all you’re gonna get, ever?! And, you’re kevetching about stupid crap?! Ugh… I know some of you know exactly what I’m saying, as you are living with the regrets right now. And, you know what did you in…FEAR. –Not cool company to keep if you ask me.
When you’re having a love affair with fear, there is no room for anything or anyone else. There’s no dreams, passion, fun, or love. There’s barely any sunshine, gentle breezes, or flowers. Fear is a jealous lover, it doesn’t like competition of any sort. So, if you don’t break free from it–it’ll break you. I, for one am tired of seeing people unhappy, scared, confused, stagnant, depressed, and bored. Our real lives are wondering if  we’re ever going to show up! And, in the meantime, our minds, bodies, and perhaps spirits are decaying in the idea that what we have now, is all there is. Enough, of this! Forget about getting a life–live it!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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