I always find it interesting when I go to places based on intuition. I hardly ever go to visit places without being led there. And, while my dearest friend and Yoda* lives in Las Cruces, it’s almost as if he does so, as a gift to me. New Mexico truly is the land of enchantment. And, when you’re in-tune with the spirit of the place, then yes–you become enchanted, and you find yourself beginning to harmonize with the land.

What I love most about Las Cruces, is the myriad of colors and textures. The valley is fairly flat with brush here and there. The Organ mountains are sharp, ragged, slightly dark and rustic, and the sky…oh, the sky is turquoise with these wisps of clouds that seem like afterthoughts of a painter. Just…mesmerizing. And, for me…everything is simple.

My friend has this great adobe-style house. And, true to the style. it can be rather cold in winter, and cool in summer. I love it really. And, he has these amazing pets whom I adore almost as much as him. He, his pets, his daughters, they are my family out here. And, I have to say, that making them dinner, game night and lots of laughing is such a luxurious gift, when you live in the city that never sleeps.  Wine becomes the elixir to enhance the enjoyment of pausing to ponder things to be grateful for. I was most grateful for having no real plans except to go hiking.

This visits hike was Soledad Canyon. And, I have to say the landscape was interesting as I encountered energies I found both welcoming, foreboding, and overwhelming. First…the little house slightly off the trail. I saw it from the trail and immediately felt “No. Do not go there!” My friend, says he’d done it a thousand times and was fine. But, as a intuitive–I could see the cloud of darkness hanging on the ruins of this house.  There had been violence there, and whatever was hanging around, didn’t particularly enjoy visitors. “No,” I said to my friend, “I’m not going there.” That is when his girlfriend offered that she agreed something wasn’t right about it, as the last time she went, her camera mysteriously flew out of her hand and broke.  Mind you, getting there from the trail was at least a 15 minute walk, but, even that was too close for me.  We kept going.

Our hike led us deeper into the mountains, and the energies coming off them were so awe-inspiring, so majestic, I kept having to catch my breath, and even got a bit misty. Yes…nature makes me cry, sometimes. And, I could feel all the spirits, entities and such welcoming me, greeting me. I knew that I would be having some sort of energy exchange here–sometimes good is so good, that it requires concentration to accept the weight of it. When we stopped walking, we were in a gully of a waterfall, which wasn’t much of one as the water was more of a stream from a faucet, as opposed to a mountain. But, to look up and around all the trees, the creek bed and the way the mountains hugged the gully at every turn felt—well, I think my friend summed it up with saying, “This reminds me of Lord of The Rings.” We all agreed–yes, we’re those people. 😉  Though, our fellowship consisted of two women, a man and a german sheppard named, Jack.

At the “waterfall”, I found a little legde to sit on, closed my eyes and listen to the twinkling energies all around me. While I know not everyone has my ability to see energies and hear them, I often times wish they did. As, I was talking to the “wild folk” in this case:  faires. Yes, they do exist, just not for everyone. Perception is reality–and, therefore, we aren’t always living in the same reality. As, I was the visitor, I introduced myself to them, saying that I came with peace, honor and respect. And, that whatever it was that the land and the spirits wanted to share with me, I’d be happy to leave some of my energies there in exhange.  If you were ever wondering how you effect a place, and it effects you–that is it. It offers you some of itself energetically, and you leave some of yourself energetically there. And, sometimes when this is done–you’ll hear or feel, the places you’ve been call you back. And, that’s why you have to keep visiting. In case you didn’t know–now you do. 😉

After my conversation with the faires, rocks, trees and waterfall, I was talking to my compainons and explaining what I was “seeing” and feeling. The other female agreed. She doesn’t “see” per se but,  she does “feel”. And, right on cue, I felt a drop of water hit me on my head–and I said, ” I just got rained on”. All of a sudden I had the urge to jump up. It’s good that I did because, out of nowhere, all of this water came gushing down the top of the waterfall, nearly missing drenching me! Ha ha!  My female companions said, “Obviously, that’s the spirits confirming what you’ve said!” I agreed.  How hilarious! I’m glad spirit has a sense of humor. I thanked them once more, taking the icy cold water, touching my third eye, my heart chakra and kissing what was left in my hand. Afterwhich we said our goodbyes and began our hike out. And, as expected, I was told, “you’ll have to come back.” Which I already knew and promised I would. If not, I’m sure, they’ll be “calling” me in the ether, much like those spirits in Big Indian, NY.

Las Cruces, with its wonderful land, amazing wine and wine bars (Vintage–you must got there), and my lovely friend; is such a haven of simplicty, beauty and family for me. I never regret leaving it, because I know, its only a matter of time before I’m back there.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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