So much going on… it doesn’t matter if it’s in my head. It’s still real. In fact, the things in our head are so real that they dictate how we see the rest of the world, whether we want to admit it or not. Ah…but, who would agree with that? Hmm…yeah, some would have you believe that what goes on around you is more real, but, I don’t agree. Exterior things, we cannot do much about beyond reacting. Inside our heads we create, we dream, we conjure. And, then, from our heads these things come into the world. So, mind your thoughts, kids!
**I want to say a special “I love you” to my friend Mark. He had a miracle happen that finally put his inability to sleep to good use. You and your mom are in my thoughts and prayers, Mark. I’m sending you lots of love and light. Goodness is expected from this, always look for the goodness.
With no clear chart for the day, I am excited nonetheless. My consultation got moved to today for my tattoo. My Snowy Owl and I will be as one around my birthday in October. Oh, the excitement of it all. It is another symbol of accepting apart of myself in this tattoo. I will not say what the meaning of a Snowy Owl is, I will say that is is one of my totem animals. Apart from that, you can look it up, it is heavy medicine.
My summer reading series rocks–yep, this is part of my rose garden that I’m smelling. I’m reading the Earthsea series. And, it’s really good. I did mention that I’m a geek goddess, so you all should not be surprised that I read fantasy once a year, during the summer months. It cannot be spiritual, alchemy, occult and psychology all the time. One must make room for their comic books, cartoons and fantasy reading. Or, at least I must. It’s amazing the things one can learn about themselves from this stuff. Come on, tell me you’ve never felt like a mutant before? Seriously, do I know any “normal” people? I highly doubt it!
Tomorrow should be good, I’m hanging out with my mom in the city. I think it will be culture day for mom. Maybe I’ll take her to the MOMA and a movie. Unfortunately, mom likes that Lifetime crap, so, I’ll probably take her to see “The Lake House”. Ick! If you aren’t aware, I cannot stand Keanu Reeves, and Sandra Bullock is right there on the boarder for me, but, I don’t want mom out in the sun too much. Sooo we will think air conditioning.
So, yep, I’m in the rose garden in case you cannot find me, that is where I am. I stumbled upon it on my hike and I have been asked to explore it and look at the colors of the petals, inhale the perfume they release. And, enjoy the mangnificance of it all. And…yeah…it’s good. It is very good.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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