I don’t know about you, but, I experience de ja vu…a lot. And, even when I know how things are to go, I’m still shocked, surprised and amazed when things go the way, I knew they would. Yeah…it still rocks–and this may be the longest rock concert in history–my life, that’s what I’m talking about.
There’s so much going on right now, but, I’ve managed to finally get the hang of being busy, but, not allowing it to take over my life. I am happy on all fronts. My friends and family are awesome, my job and career (um…all of them) are going well and yeah even the… romance life, has found some traction. Complaints–what are those? Okay, so, I’ve said, I’m happy, but, my dears, I’m far from satisfied. There’s still a lingerie store to open, movies and plays to be produced…and a life coaching career to look foward to. So, can’t stop/won’t stop, as they say.
Some people spend their whole lives trying to explain why they are here, what their purpose is. And, well, I’ve never been that person. I always knew that I was here to make the world better, even if I didn’t know exactly how to go about it. My art, has always been fueled by the idea that I was telling someone’s story to get people to understand how we’re more a like than different. My store, is about the empowerment of the feminie energy and the celebration of the female. Cause lord knows, she’s been in the shadows long enough. And,  finally, for us to understand that we aren’t the owners of the big picture that we call life, but, apart of it. 
I’m happy to say, that I’m finally feeling more settled in my own skin and my own life experience. The bigness that is me feels good and whole without the need for apology, shame or explaination– I AM. And, that is all you need to know. The proof is me, period. You know, it’s become increasingly clear that we fear the unknowns of the world. But, what about the world within–do we fear ourselves, because we don’t have a clue as to who we are? I think so. Therefore, we look continue to look to someone else to give us the definition to a word that we are the authors of. The definition of yourself. Because, let’s face it–there’s way too many people outside of ourselves with their own ideas as to who we are, and most are just off-base. Not to mention, how can you define anyone or anything, if you cannot define yourself? Chew slowly on that one, okay? 
There’s a road up ahead of me, and the path is well-lit, yet, still I’m not completely sure of what’s up ahead. All I know is… I’m going forward and I intend to enjoy myself. The cool thing about this dream is that it is my reality, and it cannot be taken away, as I am the writer of this story, as well as it’s star. Heehee…God this is soooo good!
Love, Peace Happiness N One,

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