I’m back from a spiritual retreat with my tribe in Lebannon, PA. A place perfect for our meeting, pretty, yet, oppressive in it’s own way. It was good for what we needed to do, but, not a place I’d want to live–nor any of us, for that matter. It was a difficult journey, the obstacles were elaborate and many, but, we were resolved. Coming from Texas, Colorado, Indiana and New York–we did what it took to be together. And, our energy, love and knowledge was shared, strengthened, and reciprocated for however many days each member needed. For me it was three.
I am in a lot of ways stronger than I’ve ever been, more focused, more direct. And, truly, a force to be reckoned with. As I warned my roommate, who was the first obstacle on my journey to PA, “Warning time is over! The game is over! And, the gloves are coming off!” I will have no more tolerance of anyone attempting to enforce their will onto me. I will not think twice in defending myself if I am attacked in anyway shape or form. And, I will allow all  obstacles to take themselves out. And, all are welcomed to come and to go at will. Either way, I’ll do what I need to.  The times are changing, moving faster, and I choose to change as well. And, as it is impossible for anyone to ever be alone, I’m no longer worried of who’s coming with me. Those that can hear will hear, those that can see will see. And, the rest will do what ye will. And, I will harm none (without being provoked).
The hall of noble counsel remains open for those who need it, seek it and are willing to listen. It is no longer available for dablers, fence-straddlers, or feathers in the breeze. I simply do not have the time, nor the energy, nor the interest. I provide tools, and tools only. If you’re thirsty, I will give you a cup, but, you will get your OWN water!  And, so it is…
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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