OMG!!!! Memorial Day weekend has brought with it some absolute insanity, which I am proud to say I’ve navigated very well. It’s funny, because I’m pretty sure I do a great job of exhibiting who I am, and what I will and will not deal with. I thought I was pretty clear that I expect the same efforts, time and energy I put into any given situation back. If you work a job, you expect payment. If you’re a good friend to someone, you expect it back. If you are wonderful to your beloved, you should be treated that way in return, right?
No, I’m not being an idealist people! This is how I roll. And, those who know me know this, because if I spend time and energy on anything its because I deem it worthy. So, when people try an get over on me, they need to heed the warning labels. I don’t tolerate disrespect, bullshit, or self-absorbed people who’s favorite subject is themselves and their issues! I DON’T have time for it, and I will not make any either. I will step! Actually, it’s more like “poof–where’d she go?” Hardass, aren’t I? Yeah, well… I don’t care.  This method works.  For every so-called friend I’ve lost, I’ve either made a new one, or added another year to an old friendship. I love my old friendships, these are people I know, they know me and there is love and respect above all.
So, it’s quite sad for me to say that a couple of people (and they know who they are!) found it necessary to test my tolerance level in the past couple of weeks. I wish I could say it was only one: nope, can’t say that. Here’s the deal: I will warn you, I will warn you a few times. But, after that….FUGGETTABOUT IT! You’re just asking for the SunDeevah to have a momentary eclipse–and its gonna be a black day indeed! And, yes, I enjoy saying it just like that. I’m balanced–there’s dark and there is light. And, I handle both quite well. And, I love both sides of myself. The majority of the time, I’m quite sunny, giggly, silly and while still divaesque–I don’t take it too seriously. But…disrespect, I don’t tolerate. Repeated disrespect is sucidal. Love is a light we shine onto one another, some people get that…some don’t. But, its not a lesson I’m above teaching. I don’t waste my light, and if it cannot be appreciated, I have no problem shinning elsewhere!
I know at least one person who’s been on the wrong side of my temper lately, is, attempting to make amends. Yeah, I know…and I’m still thinking about it. But, the other…hmm… let’s just say that person, still thinks there’s another way. Like I have some secret passageway within me, and if they can only find it, they can figure out a way to get what they want from me, without giving anything in return. Again…suicidal! But, some people are like that, or, they keep playing around until they run up on something they just cannot out-smart, out-manuever, out-think. And, that my sweet-spirited humans…that thing that will not be moved??? That thing is ME!  Like my friend Gilbert said to me last night, “Just because you sent out the memo, doesn’t mean they read it.” Word. But, you know what??? They better ask somebody! I wield words like Lord Michael and the sword of truth! And, I don’t take prisoners, either!
Listen, it’s real simple: If you are a half-assed type  of person, if you’re content being a dandruff flake on society. If you talk a good game and then choke while up to bat…  If you are so consumed by your own fragile-assed ego and it’s consumate protection, by all means… do your thing.  I will not reveal your secrets of  being more shallow than bath-water… because I simply don’t care enough to. But, leave me the hell out of it! Don’t come over here thinking that you can just sample what I have to offer, or borrow, or steal it. YOU CANNOT. And, I promise you, the reprecussions will make you wish you had decided differently. No, not just mine (although it can be that bad), but, that of the universe. If you’re not hip to the universal laws, I suggest you…a. ask somebody, or b. go get your own answers (highly recommended). Either way, whatever kind of energy you put out into the world, it will come back to you!!!! In a way, you least expect it. There is no success for anyone who knowingly tries to get over on another. Don’t believe me??? Test it. But, DON’T TEST ME!
Love Peace Happiness N One (gosh…does anyone even know what that means?)

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