Yep… I did it again, I went silent. Only because I’ve been incubaiting–and noticing the things around me. I don’t like wasting words, so, unless I have something to say…I don’t talk.
So, what do I mean by “Do look, a gift-horse  in the mouth”. Well, you know, we’ve been taught to not ask questions when we’re been given a gift. We’re told not to dwell too much on getting exactly what we want, for fear that somehow it’ll be taken. And, you know what?! It’s not true! Just like getting what we don’t want is a self-fulfilling prophecy, so is getting what we DO want! So, gosh darn it–asks questions! Obviously, there’s some sort of mathmatical formula to this getting what we either want or not want. Bottomline: You’re going to get it–positive or negative. Because hello–we’re magnets, we attract: 1.people 2. situations 3. lightning 4. everything! And, hey, if you don’t believe that we’re magnets, I say, go do some scientific research and find out for yourself! Now of course, some things are more obvious than others–if a person gets struck by lightening–okay, you can’t argue with that. But, I’m telling you, if you did your own little experiement with what is called the “law of attraction” you’d be more mindful of your thoughts. Funny, did you notice that I’m talking about something spiritual and scientific simultanenously? Hee, hee–FYI: there’s no seperation between spirituality and science–they are one in the same. Again, you beg to differ? Again…go do some research about ancient civilizations–and who knows, maybe you’ll attract something. ; ) Btw…you should know that “the law” doesn’t understand negative words like “don’t”,”shouldn’t”…etc. You know one of Murphy’s laws (probably the most famous) states that “whatever can go wrong–will”. I just think maybe, Mr. Murphy has some sort of Eore complex (Eore from Winne the Pooh–duh!). Let’s flip that law and say, “Whatever can go right–will!” Ahh…doesn’t that sound better—and damn, I feel better when I think of things that way. Don’t you?
So, I’m looking at all my gifts and saying “Wow! Thank you, I totally deserved it!” Hey, if we’re going to live mathmatical formulas–might has well enjoy ourselves–and who says ignorance is bliss? Nah, again, I’ll rearrange that and say, “wisdom is bless(ed)”. Much love, light and blessesings to you all.
Love, Peace, Happiness N One,

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