It’s funny, this subject matter, is about spinning around and around, doing the same thing over and over. Wait…let me back track a bit here.
Forgiveness is something I have plenty of, I do. And, the person this blog is directed towards (and trust me, they know who they are), understands they’ve had more than their fair share of my forgiveness. But, you know what? No matter how much light is reflecting in someone’s mirror, they don’t have to see if they don’t want. But, the world is reciporcal, so…here dude, have another bowl of my forgiveness.
Hey, people here’s how I see it– we love, sometimes well, sometimes not so well. But, we’re all capable. If for some reason you find that you love someone, or something and you’re not so good at it, what are your options? Well, it depends…what do you want to happen? If you want to lose your love it’s simple: Don’t change, don’t grow! If you want to grow and go somewhere: Work on yourself! Love yourself and push yourself to grow!  Me? I have a habit of telling like it is (as I see it), I speak from the heart. I will tell you the truth, because that’s what I want to hear. But, gosh darn it, not everyone is doing this, and while I’m disappointed, I’m also kinda over it. Do yourself and your loved one a favor, either become the person that you feel you’re meant to be, or don’t make promises of intention, if you don’t have the ability to follow through. There is nothing worse than a “lemon” person, in my humble opinon. A lemon person can say all the things you want to hear over and over again, but, when it gets to the clutch, they got nothing, or you end up looking for your duster to clean up from their departure.
I’m telling  you, love isn’t getting any easier in terms of relationships. All falsehoods of the world are falling apart. From governments, to communities, to families, to religion. Truth is finding its way from shadow into light, from underground to the heavens. And, it is deeply affecting how we are and who we are. Are you a person who can compartamentalize themselves? [ Bad news: there is no separation in anything.] Are you really good as solving the problems of others while avoiding your own issues? [Again, there’s no seperation in anything.]  Do you have all the answers for what’s wrong with the world, but, can’t seem to clean up your own little sphere? [Did I mention there’s no seperation in anything? Okay, good!] It’s amazing how loud people can be when talking about anything but themselves. What subject do you know better than you? And, if you don’t know you–you don’t know much. For all of you intellectual geniuses, those who pride yourself on your book smarts…hate to be the one to tell you. Intellect will only take you so far in relating to other people. Love isn’t intellectual, never was, never will be.
Yet, round and round people go with the same song and dance, the same tools and none of it working!!!! One would think that people would exhaust themselves with this tail-chasing thing, I’m thinking you’ve gotta stop at some point, right? Not for nothing, but, great leaders don’t come from tail-chasing. Yeah, tell me what we should we be doing, but, my question is: What are you doing? Rhetoric, there’s so much of it–if only people found it…USEFUL! False words is why people don’t like politics, lawyers, or sometimes their significant others, worst case senarios: themselves, because the words have that loud moan that comes from hollowness. Dude…your words are empty, you know it, and I’m telling you, so do I.
People learn from example. And, it’s funny because there’s a lot of people in the world that reach their monetary dreams. You know the dreams of accomplishing stuff, a plaque here, award there, money, power, prestige..blah, blah, blah. And, then here comes the truth: Why is my life sooo empty? Where did everybody go? This is the image that gets pepetuated in the world. That we need stuff! And, it’s sooo off base that it can’t even find itself! Sadly, it’s when we’re faced with mortality that we realize, what it was all about…relationships, with others, yes, but, mostly ourselves. We are the undiscovered country, our potential is infinite, our capacity to love: infinite, our purpose: service. Seriously, think of any job on the planet that isn’t a service. I would wait, but, thing is… I don’t have that kind of time.
It’s funny, everyone says that they are waiting for the world to wake up, to recognize the changes needed. Yet, they are keeping themselves asleep with the excessive drinking, drugs, sex, shopping, dieting, quest for beauty, power, money, recognition, or just plain lying to themselves. How can it get better, if you aren’t doing your part? Mind you, if that’s the music they choose to dance to, by all means cut a rug. But, you’ll have to excuse me, because I dont’ want to go back to sleep, and I already know this song. I am not interested in going around and around or covering the same ground with myself. I want to learn and do more. If you noticed, my last blog was about forgetting what you know and living what you learn. What we “know” are beliefs systems that are quickly falling apart, you can grab your crazy glue, but, it won’t help. What I’m talking about is learning  and living myself. I feel like my adventure is infinite, and if I’m right, chasing my tail isn’t going to get me anywhere but, buried. Oh wait…don’t dead things get buried? Hmm…
Love, Peace Happiness N One.

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