You know, it amazes me how life keeps getting better and easier to understand. We go through it meeting people, leaving people. Having jobs, losing jobs. We move, we grow, we walk a path–knowingly and otherwise.

After all the ebbs and flows of my life, I’ve come to see that I just cannot be around miserable people. I could say it isn’t personal, but, I’d be lying. It is. I’m a happy person. Truly. It’s annoying to those who aren’t, who don’t pursue it, who find some sort of twisted pleasure in complaining, fighting, being angry, sad, or whatever. Me and some sort of dark, dismal, moaner-and-groaner of life are highly allergic to each other. I’m a do-er, even though it looks like I’m more of a talker–this is a blog afterall.

This pursuit of happiness, which I’ve come to believe is the pursuit of fulfilling my highest potential, makes some people uncomfortable. And, their need to find the darkest shade in every cloud, or the pacing back and forth waiting for the sky to fall, shoe to drop, or biting their nails wondering “what if???”—ick! It makes me ill. Literally. Ever been around someone miserable? It just seems all the light in the room is absorbed by them. The energy gets sucked right out of you, and you just kinda want to be sedated. Maybe they already are, and didnt’ offer to share with you. Who knows???

No disrespect to the sad people, great music and art have come from your types. And, I appreciate your work. I just can’t spend extended time with you, without wanting to…either cry, or drink myself into a stupor. I’m sure you understand, that may be a normal day for you. But, for me, that’s the greeting room right before purgatory.

Call me an idealist, (because I am one) but, aren’t most babies more responsive to positive influences in terms of development? How are we, as grown up babies, any different?  Truthfully, aren’t we all looking to be happy even if we aren’t fully conscious of it? Of course, happiness and fullfillment are relative, but, it is there calling out to us all saying, “Come and find me, be with me.”, right? Otherwise, what’s the point of all this life stuff???

I don’t know why people start out one way, and end up another. I don’t know why people prefer waking up knowing they are going to spend that day unhappy…again. I can’t imagine it. But, after a while, when it becomes predictable, then, people stop thinking something is wrong with you and accept that –that’s who you are. A miserable person. I mean, truthfully, we tell people who we are, by our words and our deeds. And, as I’ve come to truly respect freewill, I’ve come to understand that miserable people have a right to be so. So, I am taking my sunshine elsewhere–where it will be welcomed, encouraged and joined by other sun-like stars of people. Miserable people, I’m sure you won’t be alone, there’s more of your kind, too. There’s musicians, artist and such to prove it. Namaste, to my miserable brothers and sisters… I love you guys, but, I’ll have to do it from wwaaaaayyyy over here. You understand, don’t you?

Love Peace Happiness N One,

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