I’ve pretty much given up tv. It bores the hell out of me. There’s too many channels, and too many shows. It’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet of junkfood–useless, and gives you a stomach ache.

Perhaps I’m one of the few who recognizes that without horrible tv, movies, music or the dramas of everyday life, most people have absolutely nothing going on. How can you call it a life, when it’s mostly distractions??? I don’t know.

Quality is worked for in this life, of that, I am sure. To have a quality relationship of any sort, is now becoming an artform. The amount of settling I see is…nauseating. No, seriously, I can’t take it, and I’m not only horrified, but, borderline disgusted. What is wrong with people???

I abhor the unearned generosity we give one another by saying things like, “He’s a nice guy.”, or, “She’s a good girl.” What the fuck does that mean? The truth is, if most people truly earned “good” and “nice”, then the world wouldn’t be filled with “hustlers”! And, let’s face it–it is. Most people are looking for the angles, and how to work them in their own favor. Yet, we don’t call them out, and speak the truth that’s screaming in our faces. Why??? –Because we don’t want to seem like we’re bad people? Or, unpolite? Or, not “nice”, or “good”??  I don’t get it. I don’t want to. I just want everyone to stop lying to one another.

Truly, there are some really amazing people in the world. Their hearts are open, but, still they don’t take very good care of themselves. If you constantly put yourself last, you are not doing the world any favors. Martyrdom, is a thankless gig, and it doesn’t do much for one’s self-esteem either. Not to mention, it doesn’t make other people wake up to their predatory existences. It’s like a bad case of passive-aggressiveness, you’re pissed as hell, but, pretending to be agreeable. Um…bad news, that would be a lie, also. Why can’t we just say what we mean, and do what we say we will? When did our standards of living become so dismal and low? And, when did that low-standard become acceptable to the point where it became the “norm”? –Nasty, isn’t it?

If you think that I may not belong in this “ick-factory” of a reality, trust me, I feel the same way…all the time! But, I would argue, that I’m far from alone in my way of thinking. There are a lot of other people finding themselves screaming in frustration: “What is wrong with people?!”

On a brighter note (because there always has to be one)–all this heavy, dismal darkness is forcing people to see themselves, or, get crushed by the ugliness of it all. Things must change, and I’m thinking we are far beyond the tipping point. When there’s no money, there’s less distractions to occupy your time with. Therefore, people are going to find themselves with a lot of time to reflect on what’s really important to them, what are the things that make them want to be here at all. Who are the people that enhance their existence… It’s kind of like watching an onion being peeled away one layer at a time. For every layer peeled away, is another lie being exposed, until nothing but the core truth is left. I hope people are ready for their own truth to be revealed, as it’s coming, and will be completely undeniable. So, yeah…despite all of this ridiculousness, there’s still hope that quality can once again reign supreme.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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