There’s so much information out there, isn’t it? Sometimes there’s so much information coming at you from so many directions, you feel numb by the sheer weight of it. I mean, there’s only so much the mind can process at once, so, how do you know if you’re being given the correct information??

You know, it has been my experience that truth is a very loud, intense feeling… so loud in fact, it almost has a sound. Its as if someone slightly hit a gong, but, the ripples of “knowing-ness” seem to penetrate deep into my heart and my entire body seems to align itself with this energy. The energy of “truth”. I just…”know”.  And, when you know the truth, it becomes this imprint on your essence, like this energetic tattoo that you cannot take off no matter what. It has become apart of you.

The opposite of truth has the opposite effect. Something that is a lie, “clangs”. It hurts your ears, so to speak. The rhythm of it is off, it just sounds…terrible.  It feels like a poorly made out fit. You keep trying to adjust it to fit you, but, somehow it just doesn’t. It just feels, “wrong” somehow. It’s almost as if you’re trying to present yourself in a certain way, but, the outfit you’re wearing feels borrowed. Its as if, you’re wearing someone else’s clothes and have trouble being yourself in them. Hmm…wonder why?? 😉

This kind of discernment is innate in us all. It’s part of the divine make up. It is present, even when the mind scrambles to find the logic in an illogical situation. The problems, or confusion, if you will, comes in when we go against what we “know”. Yes, the words may sound pretty, the person could be saying exactly what you want to hear, but, still there’s this nagging feeling that you’re being played. They are smiling, and yet, their eyes aren’t. Do you listen to that clanging noise? And, tell yourself it isn’t there? That you must be wrong because everyone else seems to think this idea, person, belief, etc…is true. So, why do you have a problem? You must be wrong, right? Well, chances are– you aren’t. Chances are, most of the people “drinking the kool-aid” if you will, hear the same ear-shattering clang, clang, clang as you. And, no one is saying anything. So, all of you will suffer those consequences together.

It’s becoming more and more critical for us to empower ourselves, and one another to act on the “knowing” of truth, as opposed to “idea” or, “ideals” of it. It’s unfortunate, but, true, that people will say things in order to gain, or maintain control over one another. It is also true, people have the ability to discern the intentions of one another, and  whether or not these intentions are honorable. The internet has made it so more information is available for more and more people, which in general is a good thing. It has bridged the chasm of distance between people on a global basis, but, as many are aware this information tool, like all tools can be misused, if not abused by people with dishonorable intentions. Or, in some cases, the tools are completely censored to control the access to information.

At anytime, we can begin to follow the intuitive calling of our divine selves. Are the words from this article resonating with the “knowing” of truth, or, does it clang with the noise of a “lie.” Does it “feel” true within our core, or, does it feel like that ill-fitting suit we keep trying to wear? This is how you discern truth from all things. Whether it be an article, a video, a book, or words coming from a so-called “expert”. Once you receive the information, do you feel empowered? Or, do you feel confused, dis-empowered, or even scared? Have you been given tools to enhance your life? Or, given weights of guilt, shrouds of fear and confusion? Have you been handed hope, or anxiety? Do the words support peace, celebration and respect for one another? Or, does it promote division and discord?

There’s information everywhere you look. There are people vying for your attention to sway you one way, and woo you in another, seemingly all the time. How will you navigate this? Who’s right??? I’ll tell you… You. When the energy of truth ripples from its source through you, and your core says, “Yes.” Do not wavier in your power to answer it with action. That is your divine self saying, “it is so.” And, no matter who says different to try an manipulate this feeling away from you, it isn’t possible. It is important that we reclaim this part of ourselves, as it is we who live the consequences of these choices. Truth is, was, and always will be.  And, no matter what, it will always find light.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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