Wow… seriously, I don’t understand people. Why would you knowingly deny what you know? Of course I’m talking about something specific, but, I have to talk around it to protect the inno–nah, not innocent, just the confused.
Tell me something? If the truth makes you free, like many holy books and philosophers say…then why do people run in the other direction when faced with it? Are we saying we don’t want to be free? Whoops…there goes that truth again–didn’t sound particularly nice, did it? Yeah…that’s the thing about the truth and the ego…sometimes, they don’t get along! Today, I was thinking the ego is as fragile as eggshells, and as demanding as a two year old! And, it is the ego that keeps us from developing! I’m an actor…and part of being a great actor is being able to free yourself from the ego. One reason why we take off our clothes…lol! But, that’s a whold nother can of worms, so let’s keep a lid on that. My point is, actors illustrate the stories of characters usually on paper, or someone’s mind. It’s our jobs to give characters life. We can’t do that if we inject  our egos into the mix. It just doesn’t work. I’ll pause to let you think on some of the bad overpaid actors in the world, and how they can’t get that ego out of the way long enough to do their jobs properly………
……. Okay…that should be good enough, we could be here for a year on bad actors. My point is, when faced with the truth we should embrace it, not look at it close our eyes, turn our backs, walk away chanting, “You’re not there! You’re not there!” LOL  I’m laughing, but, that’s what we do. And, then, we wonder why, things don’t work out! (shaking my head) I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND! Why is it, we can look outside of ourselves and say, “The world needs to have peace.” “People need to eat.” “People need to wake up, to reality.” “So and so, needs to see themselves…” “People need to fight for equality and humanity…”? Blah, blah, blah…yadda, yadda, yadda! We want everyone to DO something to make the world a better place to live. Everyone, that is, except…us! Well, damn, who is the world?! Who is society? Who is the system?! It’s us!!!! It starts with one individual telling the truth, then living it, and then another, and another, until, we’ve created a society, a system, a world!!!!
 You ever seen a crime incident while it’s taking place? Well I was in the midst of an attempted robbery once on the subway with Richard and about 10 other people, years ago. This girl pretended to have a gun on the subway, and tried to get everyone to throw money and other valuabled into the floor. No one moved…that is until we got to the next stop. And, who moved? Richard and I. It freaked out the girl, we got the conductor to stop the train, and call the police. When they came, we were the ONLY people to talk to them and the ONLY people to testify in court against that girl. Thankfully, no one got hurt, even though the girl attacked the police officers, etc… But, yeah, there’s some truth for you! Someone could’ve been seriously hurt on the train that day, they could’ve died, who knows…and the truth?! The truth is, only TWO out of a dozen people cared enough to say something! The truth is, we don’t care about the world…we care about our ego! And, it’s fragility! We can’t really be bothered to care about someone else, but, we sure will talk a good game, therefore…the world continues to need what it’s not getting nearly enough of. And, it’s because of US…all of us, one person at a time. So, um…feeling free, yet? LOL
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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