So, okay, it’s July 4th, the time we, in the US celebrate indpendence day. Well, I want to talk about independence. What is it really? And, how many of us truly are, independent people?
Independence: 1. The capacity to manage one’s own affiars, make one’s own judgements, and provide for oneself.
Independent: 1. Free from the influence, guidance or control of others.
Definitons provided by Roget’s II, the New thesaurus–I write and prefer them more than a dictionary.
So there we have it, the definition of independence, so, are we practicing this thing that our country says it has? Hmmm…I would go with no. I think a lot of us have decided to forego our independence to let someone else figure out for us.
First of all, we’re born independent, and have to be taught survival. So, I don’t know that any human being, can give what comes with birth. Yet, some would have us believe that we need them in order for us to exist, to be and pursue a happy life. And, well…it just ain’t so.
Yesterday, I was talking to a wise person I know and we were looking out over Manhattan, and I said, “God, I love this city.” He said he believe that we were spoiled and in being so, did not take care of what we have. Because this person is wise, what he said covered a lot more ground than he intended. Often, he does not realize these things. And, if he had ears to hear, I would tell him so. But, he does not. So, I often stay quiet while talking to him.
 Nonetheless, he is right. We are spoiled here… First, we believe that we are entitled to more than we’ve earned. And, upon reciept of these “things” we then begin to waste and detsroy these very gifts. Our planet is probably the most critical thing we partake in now, that we waste and destroy. But, when people point these kinds of things out, such as being mindful of your actions or inactions–many gather round to ridicule, discredit and destroy those of independent thought. But, is it not those kinds of people that change the world? There are very few people out there who actually live the independent thoughts that they have.
My wise friend also said to me that he was better at telling people what to do, rather than do it himself. This makes him both wise and stupid all at the same time. Why wise? He knows the path to growth. Why stupid? He will not walk the path he knows. What is the main gripe we have with our so-called leaders these days? That’s easy: They’re really good at telling us what to do, yet, horrible at living the “do” they tell! In other words…useless! I know, it sounds harsh. But, we all learn by example, whether we recognized it or not. In general, we tend not to believe something can be done, unless we see it for ourselves. Ask yourself this? How can a tree sappling, tell another what it’s like to be an ancient redwood, if it has no intention of growing into one, itself?
Knowledge can be your friend, or foe and that all depends on you. When you know something, you cannot–not know it. You can choose not to learn more, but, you cannot choose to learn less. It is done. The knowledge and you are one. It’s like what Dr. Maya Angelou says, “If you know better, then do better.”  This is what true independence is about. Doing what you “know” to be freeing for yourself, rather than what is “said” to be freeing for you.
As per my wise friend. I am concerned for him. But, there is nothing I can do. He knows much, but, he applies little of what he knows to his life. Yet, he cannot keep silent about what he knows. Question:  Who would follow a leader that does not walk his own path? Answer: No one. As I said, knowledge can be friend or foe. It can leave you independent, or imprisoned within yourself. It is our capacity to apply our knowledge to life that makes us free.
To the real freedom fighters… Happy Independence Day!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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