Do you get drunk off the way I stroll, or, mesmerized by my legs when they unfold?  Do you get locked into my gaze, find that my scent is more chronic than Jimmy’s purple haze? Do you?
Hmm… Do my kisses make you wanna let go? My rhythm make you wanna fly? Does my entrance make you wanna runaway with me, my exit make you wanna cry?
Does my strength  make you want to work a bit harder, my demands make you want to give a bit, more? Does my honor make you want to raise the bar on yours? Tell me about it–tell me does it?
Does my roar render you silent? Does my growl make you quiver? Do my tears make you want comfort me, the way my touch makes your timber shiver? It’s all the same the yen and the yang. And, oh lord, what did you do to deserve this?!
You know…This is what it looks like, when its done right. This is what we are, when we are oursleves with lights shinning bright. This is the glow, the radiance, the call that cannot be ignored. This is what you’ve all be looking for…
Be not afraid, just raise your game… Because I’ve been there, and I’m not going back again. Ever-forward, ever-upward, following my own path. I’m not giving you everything, while you only give me half. 
No sweet love, you cannot shake me, nor slow me down… You cannot bloom power that you have not sown, and cannot harvest what you haven’t grown.
Get it together sweetie, I’ve got what you want–what you need right here. What stands between you and I is your ego and its fear.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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