Death in the Lie
It doesn’t get easier to handle, nor the weight easier to bare
Shields up, feelings drown and illusions you don’t care.

It starts in a slight shade of white and skids downward to gray
–Multiplied in each tomorrow, by the little one born today.

It sucks out the air from lungs, and makes darkness from the light
–Making sunlight into rainstorms, all days into nights.

The first one was for protection from the hurt of someone else.
 Hundreds now protect you from all life’s wonders to be felt.

Life is born in the depths of oceans with unknown things to explore.
And, when it grows tired of itself–it’s beached in the shallows and the shore.

What was designed to be a fortress, over time becomes a cell.
Your very own safe haven has quickly become your hell.

Maybe the thing to do was to tend the wounds and allow them heal.
Now, their infected and fester, and have become harder to conceal.

You’re not okay, it’s not okay and it’s almost impossible now to hide
You’ve told it and you live it and now you’re left with the emptiness inside.

It was only one to get you here, and the other one could mark your return
Mistakes made can become lessons, if you made the choice to learn.

It’s been proven before that it consumes you and you can count on its reprise
But, one truth seeded, rooted and lived can bring about its demise.

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