I haven’t seen you for some time, and I can’t say I miss you much. You were always trying to run the show when you were nothing more than a bit player. Out of balance, you viewed everything and everyone as tools. And, anyone or anything that obeyed you only kept you more deluded. Anyone who did anything but, obeyed–well, I hope they recovered. 😉
The dark used to be filled with anxiety, and now it is the essence of peace. I enjoy quiet much more than the sound of the human voice. I enjoy myself so much more now that I’ve put you in your place. I understand now that it was your job to confuse me. It was your purpose to be outrageous, out of control, filled with screaming fear. Had you not been so dramatic in your efforts, I would not have paid so much attention. I would not have been a seeker. I would not have found myself, and exceed my wildest expectations.
Since I broke up with you, the world looks and feels different. My voice is authentic, I am authentic. With your departure, many relationships either changed, or ended. I do not miss those either. I do not miss the falsehoods of friendships, the strings attached to so many, the energy-draining tentacles of their version of you. Most of us–us humans, walk around scared shitless all the time; plagued with the “what-ifs”. I don’t miss trying to fit in, or having to defend myself. I don’t miss trying to impress or convince anyone else that I exist. I do and that’s all there is to know.
I suppose you’re happier now with your new role, you haven’t complained too much. You seem to be getting along with everyone a lot better. And, I’m sure being apart of a whole is alot less stressful than trying to be the Queen/King/Leader/Dictator… In fact, I would say you’re stronger than you’ve ever been because this time it’s real, and not something you’ve made up inside your head. You no longer need to try an impress anyone, as your example of cooperation is impressive all on its own. When you become one with yourself, you do so with everything and everyone around you. Good job. It was hard, but, we got through and will continue to do so. It’s an honor to share my name with you.

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