“All we need is California…” That’s what had just typed to my friend Susan, an hour or so before it happend. I was in the middle of watching the results come in eating a trail mix. And, in the midst of chewing, I heard Charles Gibson say, “We can project California will go to Barack Obama. Barack Obama will be the 44th President of the United States.”
I calmly closed the container of trail mix, and put it down. I then stood up from my couch and promptly collapsed on the floor and began sobbing. I was completely emotionally overwhelemed.  All, I could say between hyperventaltions was, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” I could barely breathe I was crying so hard. And, for that moment, I literally couldn’t get off the floor.
My day started out at 5:15 am on November 4th. I knew I didn’t want to wait all day to cast my vote. So, I got up that early to be at the poll at 6. It was dark out, it was cold, and there I was in the quiet, calm of Ridgewood walking about a half a mile to vote. I even brewed coffee for myself, in case I did have to wait. But…I didn’t. I was in line at 6:15am and walking home by 6:24am.
The entire walk over I thought about my life, my background, my very old, large, black southern family. I thought about my Cherokee heritage, my white, French-Canadian grandfather and how so many of the ideals of our constitution were going to be realized on this day. But, most of all, I felt the change in the wind before it came to fruition later that night. I could’ve laid in the bed, and voted later–actually, no I couldn’t. And, I couldn’t have pretended that this wasn’t important to me. It was more important than work, than sleep, than money, than…ANYTHING.
I don’t think people know how brillant of a document our constitution is. I don’t think people realize how miraculous this document is, how forward thinking, how inclusive it is. To know that the men who wrote it, were able to channel something greater on paper, than they were able to practice in their daily lives is astounding. And, truth be known, the ideals of our constitution still aren’t met in our daily lives.
America in it’s ideals is a place of freedom, opportunity, and hope. It’s the place where happiness is to be pursued. Those are our ideals, even if it hasn’t been our reality. America is in the midst of an evolution. Not all people believe in evolution, some prefer tradition. But, the truth is, not all traditions are what’s best for the whole. And, America must be whole if it is to succeed. America must also be able to grow with the changing times, if it is to remain relevant to both itself and the rest of the global community.
I, too was leery of President-Elect Barack Obama, when he first announced his canadiancy. I didn’t know him, just like I don’t know a lot of people. But, the way I choose to associate with people is by listening to them. I listened to his message. I watched him take the high road, no matter what was thrown at him. And, lord knows, EVERYTHING was! I watched him avoid personal attacking and stick to issues. He didn’t just state and restate the obvious. He had real ideas, with real solutions and (lo and behold) plans!
I am not, nor have I ever been a person who can listen to yammering for extended periods of time. I believe in personal accountability. I believe in educating and empowering people. I believe in respecting differences, but, finding common ground so that we can all live purposeful lives. I believe in hope. I believe in finding the silver-lining to every cloud. And, Mr. Obama’s message was in almost perfect alignment with mine. Even in the midst of some serious negative campaigning, unbelievably low smear tactics, he was focused, and didn’t get caught-up in the b.s. That–that is the person that I would hire to represent me, my heritage (possibly just as mixed as his), and my country to rest of the world. And, that is the person I hired. Just like any new employee, I imagine Mr. Obama will not be perfect, and will make mistakes, but, that is to be expected. What matters most, is that he doesn’t lose focuse on the job I hired him to do. I’m looking forward to the day where America’s newest employee, and President offically starts his new gig.
Yep, change has come to America. But, perhaps this change, is truly the reality America meant to be all along.
Love Peace Happiness N One,
Looking forward to ideas like Prop 8, being buried in the sands of time. Let LOVE rule! True equality will come! It will!

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