I’m not going to apologize for asking people to step up their game, be more than they were yesterday, not to mention five minutes ago. Am, I the only one bored with the predictability of certain aspects of life, and traditions for tradition sake?
As a kid I loved tv, I don’t know what it was about the 70’s and 80’s as far as tv goes, but, I miss the relatabilty of it. “Good times” really was about the quirks and quibbles of a black family living in the PJ (projects), who were very close in family ties, and square footage. It was a two bedroom apartment, with no eat in-kitchen and the elevator frequently was out. And, five people lived there! Now,  I didn’t grow up in the PJ’s but, in the sticks, with a single mom  (who frequently worked two jobs) with three other kids. “Keeping your head above water…” wasn’t just part of a theme song, it was a way of life. And, believe it or not… I watched the Dukes of Hazard, you’d have to be from Jacksonville, to understand how I relate to that. It was a farming community before Camp Lejune took over most of the county. So…there’s that. But now…ugh! I hate TV!!!!
But, its not just televison–in fact, its not television at all. TV represents, that lack of substance that has become a way of life in this country. WTF happened?! We’ve gotten lazy in terms of imagination, in terms of depth, in terms of meaning. Forget the meaning, just give me good packaging, great marketing, and I’ll buy it–in bulk, even! Is it possible to have an obese brain??? –Like your mind has consumed too many junk calories of well…almost everything and it’s too fat and needs a radical, strict diet of great conversations, good books, excellent films and educational television? And, for shits and giggles, clothes that aren’t trend but, destined to become classic, so you could wear them for more than one season???!!!! Hmmm…
I think people identify themselves more with their jobs, their cars, clothes, and acheivements than who they truly are. I feel we are at the point where social interaction has become a handicap for a lot of people. When you find yourself needing to think about how to approach a conversation rather than saying what you feel–something is terribly, terribly wrong. Intellectualism is a nice tool to have, sort of like reading, writing and the rest. But, intellectualism isn’t a universal language. Not everyone can relate to “Great Thinkers”, especially since a lot of them were “Non-feelers”. And, if you can’t do that…well…shit, you have a serious human handicap. I think that’s where all the big hype around EQ came from. Great Intellectual quotient, sucky emotional quotient–Can we still call him/her smart?! Yeah…I don’t know, that’s a tough one. That’s like my chemistry teacher in highschool, woman was a scientific genius…she just couldn’t impart the knowledge very well. Thanks for the D, Ms. Long—I know you tried, so did I. LOL
All I’m saying is, I’ve had many enlightening, inspiring, and educational conversations with all sorts of people. People who are illiterate, who’ve never aspired to be rich, famous, or own anything much more than a house and car. As well as people who hold a PhD, who have a couple houses and cars –and by the way, I don’t even have to leave my family for those experiences. The point is, I can relate to them because they are allowing themselves to be such.  And, not faking the funk on conversations, emotional exchanges, etc. They aren’t wearing their intelligence, or money, or lact of intelligence or lack of money as armour to keep me from getting to know them. Does that makes sense? There’s all these things we have in common as humans, and you want me to talk about the weather, what’s on some dumbass tv show, or ask me how I’m doing, so you can immediately stop listening when I answer??? Pass…
I love that phrase…”Keep it real.” –Like people really know what that means. Keep it real means to be who you REALLY are, and for the completely emotionally-deceased, here’s a hint–it’s not your job, your money (lack of), your clothes (lack of), your education (or lack of), your achievements (lack of). When I’m talking to a person and they start listing all the things they’ve done as opposed to who they are–I don’t know…I find myself thinking about all the things on my  to-do list. Because honestly…I don’t care. When I want to get to know you, that’s who I expect you to talk about. Meaning: I like to _________. I love to _________. In my spare time I _________. I came from _________.  My favorite music is __________.  I know…it seems so ordinary, yet…getting straight answers to these relatively easy  fill-in-the-blanks has become quite the challenge. So…I tune out. My tv has been known to stay off days at a time. I’ve had my fill of junk-food and all its various symbolic forms. Enough… I demand substance. I want it–and I want it NOW! Otherwise…yeah, let’s just pretend we had a great conversation, and then…NOT! Does it seem like I’ve found the end of my rope??? LOL Good, I’m glad you understand me. And, why do you understand me? Because I wanted to be understood! I know…it’s such a radical approach to life. James Dean may have been a rebel without a cause…but, I AM a rebel WITH A CAUSE!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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