It always amazes me when the guys I am involved with romantically don’t listen to me. I mean, I come with warning labels, and yet, they ignore them. And, then…I’ll end up doing what I had been warning all along. Let be me clear, the ego is a big fat liar!! It will tell you that your partner won’t leave even after they’ve said a million times they would, but, still tried to stick it out with you. Eventually…THEY WILL LEAVE YOU! So, don’t start thinking they “need” you to breathe, or to exist. They don’t! Oh, and by the way, co-dependency isn’t love, it’s an illness! No one healthy wants to be needed, they want to be wanted and loved. Please, don’t get those things  confused. Yes, I realize it’s already too late for a lot of people. But, if you’re reading this blog… there’s still hope.
Second… SEX isn’t enough to keep people interesting. Someone very dear to me apparently thought amazing sex was enough to keep me in his life and vice versa. Silly Rabbit…that’s not even how he got me in the first place. Okay, sex: I’m a fan! Huge fan, but, then I get bored, really bored if that’s all there’s gonna be. No matter how hot he is, and I’ve known some dudes who are so hot, that some people feel inspired to fall to their knees when in these Adonis’ prescence. And, then after two weeks…”Okay, thanks Adonis, tell Athena and the gang I said, What up?!” Sad…it used to be 3 months, but, now, it’s two weeks… I’m getting more impatient with age, I think! LOL
So then, what gives me pause? What will help some dude not only get to the promised land, but, get to set up shop there and stick around? Hello? Love. Not so much love for me, but, mostly of himself. Guys have this whole thing about dating above their league, but, I think that’s bullshit. I do. Am I anti-Mr. Hottie? Nope, not at all, but, if Mr. Hottie, doesn’t read books, has no depth, is emotionally unavailable, runs from intimacy and love, like a wildfire runs loose in southern California… Then Mr. Hottie, can keep it moving. If Mr. Hottie, is sooo unhappy, that he thinks my happiness is annoying…don’t bother to say hello, I think  avoidance is the best way to keep anyone  from getting hurt. If Mr. Hottie is so affraid of success in any and all forms, that he becomes ambitious and driven to a fault… Mr. Hottie needs a prostitude, stupid girlfriend/wife, or a porno collection not me. Is it harsh??? Nah, it’s the truth, and why people think the truth is harsh is beyond me. Either way, I don’t care. Everyone wants someone else to take responsbility for their reactions, like they aren’t grown up enough to do it themselves. Seriously…grow up people! Grow up!
As per my um…love life (wait–do I have one?)… I have never really given it a lot of time or energy. I don’t date, I have boyfriends, or short-lived tryst. That’s it, it’s what I have time for. I’ve dated sooo many beautiful men, that I can look at a guy, eat the eye-candy and go back to working on my endeavors, without so much as a hello (Sometimes I think I have a hidden Y chromosome). I’m sooo not easy to get, nor keep. Oh yeah…I know it! Whoever the dude is, he’ll be working for it, last time I checked that’s how boys become men. And, how I went from being a girl to becoming a woman. The Deevah gets hers, and if that’s not understood by Mr. Who-ever-happens-to-be-there, then he will be truly disappointed. Equality all around, or…”Yo…next! This one is broke, I want a new one!” Awww…she’s sooo mean! Yeah? WHATEVER! LOL
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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