He is reflected in ethers shadowing my light like moths to a flame…
His thoughts repeatedly screaming my name…
But, his soul’s calling he will not answer.

Frantically searching for the easiest way, perhaps an underground tunnel…
Refusing the straightest path, in darkness he’ll fumble
As truth avoided spreads like cancer.

I haven’t left you I am here to hold the line.
There it lay right in front of you–your soul’s journey to find.
You need only walk as student, end as master.

The silence brings your muffled cries
As my sadness for us both mists my eyes.
But, my dear counterpart it is love that I am after.

This awful cycle will not flow, until you cease and relent…
From the time that’s been wasted and your energy ill-spent
Remake yourself whole in a healthy state, which long since has been fractured.

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