So, today, I started the most awesomest gig of my career–er…um…well, one of them. That would be my executive assistant career. It’s funny, I’ve said over and over again that I’m an artist, but, I’m also a business person. I believe in selling good ideas, products or services to people who need them. Do you know the difference between a producer and an executive assistant? Uh..not much. But, you’d have to be an abstract thinker like myself to get what I’m saying. As an executive assistant, I put together someone’s life on a daily basis. I look at all the components, figure out how many people and activities I can cram into my boss’ day, making sure they eat and breathe in the process. It’s like producing a daily show, of someone’s life. It’s kinda cool to run someone  else’s life–soothes my inner control freak (Inner???? Hmmm, maybe not.)! lol
And, oh yeah…there’s the actual costume change. In this new gig, I have to wear suits everday. I don’t like suits, detest pantyhouse and conformity–will never happen to me. But, I’ve managed to find suits that fit my personality, maintain my fashion consciousness and be office acceptable. Oh, and I look hot when I wear them! Heehee! So, I’m actually excited about the 3 suits I bought today. There are some things that I refuse to give up: Dying my hair dark purple, my tattoos, and my piercings (none of which are overt). Thing is, the suit is not out of character for me, I have a clothing style for all of my facets. And, the business mind is a huge part of me. I am the co-owner and founder of a lingerie store, and I’m going to have to use my selling skills to raise 1/2 million dollars. That part doesn’t bother me–it’s the meticulousness of my business plan that is making me a bit crazy. After that–it’s like: wind her up and watch her go. The big picture is, regardless of what costume I’m wearing–I’m still the same person in all of them –which is what’s most important. In my youth, I probably would’ve viewed this gig as a sellout–but, it’s not. I work in finance, and that’s exactly what my company needs. What better way, to acquire money, than to be where the money is made?! Networking is a chore for some. For me, it’s like saying, “hello!” So, today, I’m wearing a suit, this weekend–jeans. In about another year or so…very expensive lingerie–under a suit, or jeans, or…maybe that’ll be all. You never know with me!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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